Still a bit o' Tabla Rasa....

Man, it's taken a bit of diligence and arm-wrestling to get this page back & running.

What's a PlazaJen, you ask? Well, it's the nickname my husband gave me when we first began dating, and it helped his fellow schoolteachers keep straight which Jennifer he was going out with. (Yes, there was another Jennifer. But I won the prize! Ha!) I was LemonZest back in the day, but for my first three years in town, I lived on the Plaza. Now we live in South Kansas City, but PlazaJen still sounds better than "SouthSiiiideJen".  I met my husband on an old Mac I bought from my first KC employer, and we chatted online via my 14.4kb modem. I kicked it old school. But sadly, I did not have the module you put the phone receiver on. He did, though. We're well-matched in oh-so-many ways.


So well-matched, we got married in Jamaica in 2003, have two black labs, a big garden that gets bigger every year (check out his blog up there, KC Tomato Times) and a house that truly is our home. I work in advertising, and I'm a knitting addict. I  have more yarn than I can knit in this lifetime. My husband knows not to give it to Goodwill if I should meet with a hapless industrial accident. Speaking of death, my father died in 2006 after a ferociously brief fight with cancer, and my life was forever changed. Gratefully, though, I have wonderful people in my life, both here and online, and while it will always be a journey, things have gotten a lot, lot better. Losing a parent (or anyone you love) is easily summed up into two words: It Sucks. There are a lot of posts tagged "grief", because I worked through a lot of it through writing. Some of the best emails I've gotten have been from people who've identified with those words, and found some solace in knowing they weren't alone in their own sorrow.
I'm a bit crazy, my mind is always whirring, I don't enjoy hard labor, and I always have a snarky or funny thing to say, even if I choose not to say it. My father instilled in me the need to find humor in everything, and apart from his death, I'd say I've done a pretty good job at it.  I love Thai food, I have road rage, but I have grown more patient over the years, and I believe in right and wrong, justice, and karma.  I think you should stand up and be counted, and if you never speak up, the course won't change. My mouth has gotten me into trouble a lot in my life. But I don't stop. Because when it's that important, the only way to build a choir singing for change has to start with one open mouth.  That said, some of my greatest negotiations have been accomplished through silence. Never underestimate the power of biting your tongue while the other person twists in the wind!
Thanks for visiting. My blog is my daily/weekly/monthly annal of my life, and while I'm smart about editing for content, I rarely take out the colorful language. Enjoy.

 What you see here is mine, mine, mine. I'm an only child, but I will share, if you ask politely. Don't swipe, "borrow" or lift; this is my little domain and I'm keeping it that way. Thanks.

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