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C’mon Blow Torch In The Sky!

I must confess, I’ve written probably 25 blog posts in my head about the weather, the snow, the snow removal, primarily the LACK of snow removal, my street, the ruts in my street, and other drivers. I will try to cull down the 1400 vitriolic things I want to say, and just leave it at some basics.

First off, snow removal is crucial. Yep, goin’ out on a big ol’ limb there, and taking the emotional risk to put it out there. I felt like all my years living here, brazenly not wearing a coat in December, scoffing at what others called “cold” has come back to bite me in the ass. However, temperatures and snow fall notwithstanding, Kansas City does a SUCK ASS job of removing snow, especially if it happens on a holiday. I don’t buy the whole “oooo these snowplows are too BIG to fit down your street, and oooo these snowplows were too SMALL to make a difference” argument. Whatevs. I don’t believe for a second that allllll the snowplows were out on Christmas Eve, clearing the way.

Let’s talk about the Ice Ruts on my street. When I was a kid, I had a book I loved, called “The Bingity-Bangity School Bus“. It was all about this beloved school bus that I presume had no shocks, and that sucker off-roaded and tossed the kids all around (in a faithful, loving manner) in ways that would garner lawsuits by the ream these days. In any event, that’s what it’s like to drive down my street. The ruts are icy, and then you have spots where the manhole covers have melted everything, creating wonderful drop-offs that wreak havoc on a vehicle’s suspension system. We never did get salt or sand that I can ascertain, so the melting & re-freezing has made everything extra-special slick in the mornings.

And people. Weaving in and out of traffic because you’re ‘brave’ and ‘in a hurry’ is a recipe for disaster. Last week I witnessed a Lexus darting in and out, only to gain three cars’ lengths at the light. Bravo, you stupid turd. Was it exhilarating? Did you get a real rush?? C’mon. You have to just accept that it is what it is. Find your Snow Zen. Drive slowly, leave loads of room between you & the car in front of you, use your low gears if you have them, let off the gas to begin slowing down, don’t just hit the brakes, and let off the gas if you find yourself sliding. I’ve had a couple friends who had mishaps because of the ice (or b/c another driver was rubbernecking a different accident), and it sucks.

But it’s starting to melt, and that, my friends, is what I have always maintained has been KC’s approach to snow. Meh, it’ll melt. Shrug. I know it’s generated business for insurance companies, collision repair shops and chiropractors, so one could even argue the lack of snow removal has been an economic stimulus effort!¬† (I DO have a new pair of snow boots because of all this!)

Spice Rack Contest….

Fit this, girl is having a pretty cool contest on her site – five chances to win, and there are five spice racks being given away!

Another Facebook Ad FAIL

I keep getting served this goddamned ad, no matter how many times I click¬† the thumbs-down and tell Facebook why I hate it. Of course, you only get to choose from a preset selection of why you don’t like the ad, and sadly, “I don’t want a Pell Grant from CHARLES MANSON” is not one of the options.

Another Facebook Ad FAIL

December Moon

I opened the back door this morning and was greeted by a shiny white moon caught in our walnut tree, along with a shocking burst of cold air. Winter is here!

December Moon

Earworm of the Day

Heaven help me. I haven’t even been around Christmas music yet this year. The only part I keep replaying is the “wahoo-doray”. Feel free to join me.

Namaste Bag Contest…

KnitPurlGurl has a pretty sweet contest going on her site to win a Namaste bag – the Hermosa in eggplant! I am getting an extra chance to win it by posting this, so if you win the bag, you really should buy me one as well. (This is the brain of an Only Child. On Yarn.)
Check her out, though. I’d love to review products (with full disclosure, of course!) for companies like she does!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ear Worm of the Day

This might end up being a regular feature here. Two days ago, it was “I’ll Be There”, by the Jackson 5, specifically Michael’s part. We’ve had a definite shift, given that today’s is courtesy of LL Cool J.

Facebook Ad Fail



I’d love a fantastic getaway HOSTED BY DEXTER. In fact, I’ll be so excited to visit, I won’t even blink when I enter my hotel room and see that it’s entirely encased in plastic sheeting.

back roads

late summer
days without rain

tires crunch limestone gravel
pushing shards down
against pale clay dirt
baked in the sun

clouds of dust billow

we learn quickly to hold our breath
wait for the pickup to pass
plumes of tan behind

even so

you taste it, the earth, ground stone
cloying in the heat
drier than sand


coating everything
the grass in the ditches,
the grasshopper, size of a thumb, perched on a stone in the road

all but the red-winged blackbird on the telephone wire

I wrote this earlier this year, when the heat and dryness reminded me of those years in the country. Makes me kind of wistful now, during this damp, gray chilly time.


Talk about a high crashing into the side of a mountain! I went to World Market on Monday, and took some reusable bags with me – I knew I’d be buying coconut milk & they always double-bag those. One of those bags was my Trader Joe’s tote, a colorful fun purchase after my visit to St. Louis this spring. The employee at the checkout noticed the name, and mentioned that while she’d never been to one, she heard that one was going in over by the CostCo near Independence Center.
We had a nice chat & I extolled the many virtues of Trader Joe’s, and I left, buoyed by the excitement that FINALLY, a TJ’s would be closer than 4 hours away.

There is nothing on the website that indicates it’s coming or even remotely in the works.


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