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Tired of Nostradamus.

I just posted this comment on a trade article online; yet another piece on how not only is 2009 going to suck, but 2010? Is going to suck even more. Frankly, I have had it with the fear and panic and crystal-ball bullshit. It’s exhausting.
~~~~~~my comment:
Anyone else getting really tired of self-fulfilling doom & gloom prophecies? The more we feed the fear and terror – the more those fears become reality. The monthly, weekly, daily clutching at one’s heart, on an individual and corporate level, is exhausting. On a larger scale, this economic panic parallels the inflated gas prices of last summer. The market artificially inflated pricing which sustained itself for a decent amount of time, despite having no real basis in reality. (shortage, etc.) How long are we as a nation going to allow this panic to immobilize us, and how much damage to we have to endure in the process?

~end comment~~~~~~
Personally, I’m having a terrible week. Unable to talk or write about it. I tried yesterday, found myself caught in a silent space. I want to give voice to the feelings…..yet I see my own powerlessness and all my thoughts feel futile, despite the well-intentioned wishes, they become simpleton attempts to put attention on myself, look at my pain, my anxiety.  Everyone has their own story and many have harder roads than I, so I set my jaw, carry my load, and try not to feel it all at once.  I can say that the weariness of being an adult, being responsible, yet being unable to change things to what I want them to be, really really sucks.  I’m reminded of how, just three years ago this week, I got the call from my father, telling me he had cancer.  I wore down the earth, running at a brick wall. I’m doing it again and guess what?  It still fucking hurts.  And I can’t change a thing.

So I leave you with the wish I wrote yesterday.

I wish….

that the world would stop

take a deep breath

take back our power

believe things can be better

and begin to climb upwards

curling hands together

finding strength.


  1. and it will and we will … i too am tired of the hand-wringing. i have no time for it and i participate not, and call/dress down those who do it in my company.
    it gives new meaning to mob mentality –
    that 3 years ago this week is the tough thing – take it a day at a time and find as much joy as you can in each day for there is joy there
    thinking of you and feeling same way you do about the mood of too many !

  2. I don’t know when I grew up, but I have to agree with you 100% about the realities of being an adult – the responsibility, the worry, the burden of knowing things, without the power to change them – are major “teh suck.” (Sorry, had to be a little juvenile.)
    I hope you find a light at the end of the weariness soon, a way to find more joy amongst the worry.
    I’d love to give you a big ol’ hug. It wouldn’t fix anything, but I know sometimes that it can help.

  3. your words ring truths. i’ve long wished people would stop with the fear and just realize they have to make the changes happen. no sitting on one’s ass, waiting for the sky to fall. thanks for always saying what i feel in better ways than i could.

    i’m here if you need a shoulder…even if it’s a cyber shoulder.

  4. God you are always so spot on in your musings and observations. I wish I had half the gift that you do. This post choked me up for a couple of reasons.

  5. I live by the philosophy, “Cheer up, things could be worse.” So, I cheer up and sure enough, things get worse.

  6. Breathe. {{{hugs}}}

  7. I think that we may have seen the worst at this point and now it’s just a matter of how long it takes to recover and get people employed again. But yeah, I have a hard time watching all those segments on the news all day long — it’s depressing and I’m even in the pool of people that need the help. I really like your last bit; very inspiring.

  8. Preach it, sister! I’m so with you on this.

  9. What is it that Conan says? No not that Conan. I mean the barbarian. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Lady, we are some strong biatches! Life can be so hard. Thank God for good spouses, good friends & families. Well, as long as it’s not them driving us nuts. There will always be dogs to hug & cry into their fur.

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