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Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

Oh, It’s A Mix, Alright.

I just went to the front door to put a Netflix movie and a thank-you note in the mail, and I saw, across the street, a figure standing back from the road, moving behind some shrubbery. Before I opened the door, I waited and watched. A spry senior citizen, in her magenta jacket, emerged. She adjusted the kerchief on her head, and as she walked back out to the road, finished tucking her shirt in her jeans. Striding off down the road, she continued on her walk.

Morning Constitution, indeed.


  1. The things I miss while I’m at work!

  2. LOL! Maybe she was out for a run?

  3. please tell me it was in your crazy neighbor’s shrubbery at least?

  4. I just fell off my chair laughing – thank you sweetie 🙂

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