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Sweet Orts

I just had lunch with a sales rep I’d never met before, and had already rescheduled the lunch date once. I even contemplated rescheduling again, because I’ve got a bunch to do in a short amount of time. But I decided to just relax, go have lunch, and meet her. We had a great time, and in a really odd, roundabout way, discovered we both had lost our fathers and shared similar mom relationships, the same values, politics. It was a good reminder to me that in putting oneself out there, even if it’s not your first choice of action for the day, good things often flow back.

After that lunch, I realized Mimi Murano was running, literally, on fumes. So I got to spend extra to buy my gas in Kansas, but opted to minimize the blow by filling up at CostCo. Right after I started fueling, a minivan pulled in behind me, and I realized, as I was staring into space, tiny hands were waving from the back seat at me. I waved back. The hands moved faster. I waved again. I said something to the mom, as she headed back to the driver’s seat – about how her kids were really friendly and we were waving at each other. She laughed and said they will talk to anyone, they love to talk. I told her it was pretty cute.  She got in the van for a few minutes, and then got out and told me her three-year-old daughter was begging to be let out so she could talk to me. Of course that was an unrealistic request, but it was so utterly charming. And another reminder that when you think you’re invisible, someone else might think you look like a really great person to talk to!

Last, but not least, my husband has begun ‘pre-missing’ me. He already lamented last night how much he will miss me this weekend, as I head East to St. Louis for the Spring Fling and spend four days immersed in yarn, knitting, friends and fun.  He’ll be busy, I know – selling tomato plants, continuing to churn through yard stuffs and working on the gardens, but it’s always nice to feel needed, and appreciated, and yes, when you’re gone, missed. I, in turn, have been making meals that produce plenty of leftovers so he’ll have dinner options. Though I just KNOW he’s gonna eat one of those KFC Double Down things in my absence….


  1. Awww him pre-missing you is sweet. I think mine’s throwing a party while I’m gone. 😉

  2. Your story about the 3 year old reminds me of how intimidated I was at first to talk to you. After all you’re “THE “PlazaJen. But yep, it’s true…you ARE a really great person to talk to. Have a great time in St. Louis!

  3. That three year old knows a good thing! After all ” you are a big deal!” Have a great time this weekend -we are pre-missing you, also.

  4. I will miss you, too, Miss BFD. I, on the other hand, will skip the KFC and enjoy a sidecar or two in your honor. Don’t forget your flask!

  5. that is sweet. all three orts. life has a funny way about it, doesn’t it?!

    tell wo to NOT do the kfc thing. we like him alive, with his heart intact!

  6. Awwww yeahhhhhhhh! Let the PARTY begin! Chicken will be eaten, tomato plants will be sold, and tears will be shed!

  7. Oops! almost forgot….MESSES WILL BE MADE!

  8. Ill miss you since sadly I will not be attending the fling 🙁 knit a row for me and laugh a lot!

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