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The spaces between us
Pile up with words
The silence collects them
Filling the room

None pass our lips
They accumulate in time
From our hearts
From our brains
Fear and circumstance
Leave everything unsaid

For every word that’s unspoken
Lies a matching response
They stack up in pairs
Nouns verbs all their mates
Full sentences of expression
Longing for breath
For the fullness of speech
Invisible but
Tangible in the
Ache of
Never being voiced

In its purest form
No fear of reaction
Still remains


An Extra-Special Christmas Tongue-Twister

My niece Danielle got one of those ‘knot-yourself-a-quilt’ kits for Christmas. She’s quite crafty (and an amazing crocheter), so she got it out of the box yesterday evening and started to work on it next to me at the dining room table. (I was drinking Irish cream liqueur and knitting.) Once she got two squares together, she put it down and complained that it looked bad and wasn’t working. I took a look at it, and realized she needed to make two square knots, not one, in order to get the pieces to stay together.  My mind was moving faster than my mouth, and instead of telling her she needs to knot it twice, out of my mouth came, “You need to twot it.” And I’m leaving the spelling just like that, but it sure sounded like there was an “a” in there instead of an “o”, thanks to the Chicago-esque vowel-flattening I inherited from my dad. And I looked across the table at James, and to my right, at Momma Linda, and all three of us burst into laughter, so then our niece started laughing (she’s 10) and said, “TWOT! ha ha!”…. much to my mortification. We immediately told her not to say it, and that what Auntie Jen MEANT was two knots, but somehow by the next day, the large bottle of  St. Brendan’s Irish Cream Liqueur had been renamed “Twot Juice”.

What can I say? I like to make the holidays special, however I can.

Quick Definition of “Kerning”

Far be it from me to even know how to adjust for kerning, I only learned about kerning in recent years. I do understand, though, how one who specializes in typesetting or design of any sort, might go a little crazy when they see bad examples of kerning. We’ve all actually seen it before, just perhaps didn’t know what to call it. (If you don’t wanna click the link, kerning is about proper spacing between letters based on the letters themselves, not just ‘tracking’, which puts the same amount of space between the letters regardless of what they are.)

So, to those people who care about kerning, I must warn you, you are about to wince.

Liver Pool?

This bar used to be…. Billy B’s? Something like that. We’ve never gone in, preferring Creekside (in the same strip mall area).  Whatever ambiance they’re going for, I’m sure not getting “Ye Olde England” from this one…. instead, a rather scary visual of a swimming pool filled with slippery dark-red organs.

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