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Trippin’ – Without The Chemical Additives

Holy Moses. I came back to my desk from a meeting, and my iTunes had continued toodling along through my music and had landed on “Kenny Loggins: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.” I do not tell you this to elevate my indie cool. (I have indie cool, dammit. It cannot be eroded by 80’s pop stars because I am THAT Teflon about it. I even have some Emo and I’m not gonna SHARE if you make fun of me.)
I got back JUST in time to hear “This Is It”, and it was like all my adult problems were gone. I was only 11 when that song came out (1979), and I probably heard it a hundred times on the school bus.

Did you KNOW that Kenny Loggins sang that song about getting back to Pooh Corner? It’s enough to make a grown woman weep. I will admit, it was all I could do not to sing along to Every! Single! Song! The album’s only halfway through folks, it could still happen. (However, even I recognize the damage to Emo and Indie Cool if I do this. Mortar shells and napalm would do less damage.)

This afternoon ranks right up there with the Michael McDonald day. Yah Mo. I’m Alright. Don’t nobody worry about me. I’ll put some Amy Winehouse on in a minute and everyone can exhale and put away the Googling for Nervous Hospitals….but let me know if you find one that’s stuck in the 80’s.

It’s Not Even 9:30

But I just read an article on how A-B is redesigning all of the Michelob bottles to have a teardrop shape — And I had an intense craving for a Mich Light. That was the beer we only could afford around payday back in college. The beer that used Phil Collins singing in the commercials, and the night belonged to Michelob. What a flashback.
(Ha! I just remember a note my dad left me on my apartment door my senior year, when he did a surprise visit & I wasn’t home. “I was here. Love you, Dad. Michelob Light?” Because he could see the bottles in the kitchen through the apartment window. Heh. )

I want to watch Miami Vice and drink a six pack and then go to the gas station for a really cheap burrito and watch Friday Night Videos. God, how times have changed.

Staying classy in Kansas City. TGIF. Still coughing. Still not getting enough sleep. Did I mention I’m glad it’s Friday?

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