Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

The Plague, THE PLAGUE!

Even as I type that, I can see and hear little Hervé Villechaize, standing on the sand, waving his little arms wildly.

Oh, the Plague. Long has it stayed. I think (and we say this reservedly, so as not to jinx it, with fingers crossed, and eyes a-squint) that it is finally leaving me for good, and that The Mend is beginning, because let me tell you what, this has been a Most Unpleasant Week.

I am always comforted to hear that it’s going around, though. Less-comforted when I hear of people recovering in a day or so, not that I wish them ill (or more ill, in this case), but just from that selfish place, that says, “Why aren’t I better?” in a very Veruca Salt sort of manner. Complete with a foot stomp.

In any event, I went in to work on Tuesday afternoon, and that was rather challenging, but somehow,  I still believe through sheer force of will, I can make reality change. Perhaps I should start trying to bend spoons with my mind and then take on the universe after that’s checked off. In any event, I then went in to work yesterday morning, and by 11:30, was having a very rich visual of sleeping in my car over the lunch hour. My only debate point was back seat or front seat? (Back seat might have more room…windows are tinted….front seat has lumbar support and reclines…) After another thirty minutes or so, I realized how ludicrous that was, and perhaps if I could not sustain myself through the day without sleeping in my car, perhaps I shouldn’t be in the office? (This plague has also rendered me a bit stupid, btw, although I think I just proved that point.) So I spent a couple more hours doing something that probably would’ve taken me 20 on a normal day, and then I came home & slept like a rock.

Today, I’m at home. And about to go off and sleep like a rock again. Through all of this, I have wished instead of a virus, I had a parasite. I mean, a parasite can be treated right-quick-like, AND you know there’d have to be a great story to boot. Instead, I just got the crud that everyone else has, and I have it a bit worse than most, and I can’t cure it with my mind.

But if I do get a parasite? Seriously? You KNOW you will all hear about it.


  1. shannon in oregon

    *knocking on wood*

    glad to hear you are feeling better

  2. tonna11

    Oh Dear. You still need a couple days in bed, seriously. You need some serious sleep, orange juice and chicken soup. And a naked man serving them to you, and offering things like back rubs and eternal erections at your demand. Well, ok, maybe you dont really need that last thing, but if youre going to be delirious why not go first class, right? Take a day or 2, and I mean this. If you dont, youre going to work that nasty bug into something serious. I recognize the symptoms–woman who doesnt have time to get sick, meets nasty virus, tries to keep going in spite of it all, woman ends up in hospital. Spewing noxious fluids in weird and embarrassing ways. Need I continue? GO TO BED. CALL OFF IN MORNING. REPEAT AS NEEDED.

  3. mommalinda

    Uhh … me no feel too good either. I think mine is more of the sinus/sore throat thing though. Miranda had strep last week so I’m hoping that wasn’t shared. Plugging along though at work on DayQuil. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better.

  4. Chelle

    Rest. Sleep.

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