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Random Orts

1. I saw the Michael Jackson movie, “This Is It” and was just amazed. For all of his craziness, the man had musical and performance genius. Such a strange, tormented soul – not a man, not a boy.Not really human, not quite fully alien. I just kept thinking about how devastated these people in the film must have been – the dedication and drive and utter adulation they exhibited was astronomical. I also could not stop singing MJ tunes, and I believe even got an unintentional guffaw from my husband as I hit a very high “HEEEHHHH heeee” (ala, “The Way You Make Me Feel”.) Capitalizing on his death? Maybe. But I’m glad I saw it.

2. Oh, Career Builder. You think you know me, but then you send me some of the funniest job “matches”. Because I’ve done quite a bit of healthcare marketing, CareerBuilder thinks I should apply for jobs like, “Director of Radiology” and “Emergency Medicine Supervisor”. Those emails make me chuckle, as I imagine myself just …. winging it in the interview. “Why, yes. I studied all those things back at Johns Hopkins. (Nods seriously.) Of course, I thought about surgery, but it’s my love of the ER that really brought me back from the coast to do my residency.”

3. Christopher Walken simply cracks me up.

4. People I know are starting to get jobs, and second interviews (or third ones) and it’s heartening. Of course, I still ache for the moment when the conductor calls my name, and I get to exit the Unemployment Train, and I still miss my former clients, in a weird way. Like, I worry about them and wish I could still be working on their business, because I can say with a fair amount of certainty that nobody cared as much as I did.  I saw a competitor for one account on tv, and I know how I would have handled it, what I would have found out, etc. You can’t just replace that dedication or knowledge, but there it is. What’s done is done.

That’s it… this took all day in-between getting stuff done and beating the job drum. I’m sure there are a bunch of other things, and there has been knitting! More soon….. keep the good juju a-comin’!


  1. Carolyn J.

    My boss was forced into retirement just over a month ago. I know she is at home thinking about us and her former clients. She got a great golden parachute but I know she still worries about us because she really cared too. So I know what you mean about dedication and knowledge.

  2. Chelle

    Sending career-success vibes and good thoughts your way. My husband Bob just got laid off on October 30th – but he too has heard that things are loosening up in his area – computer programming. I have no doubt that with your creativity, intelligence and caring/client-centered focus that you will find an even better spot to land than what was yanked out from under you. Maybe you’ll even land a job with one of those client companies you once advocated for.

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