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Oh Pretty Polly….

The Wo finally had a good duck hunting day yesterday. I’ve been telling him, despite every weekend sucking badly, that it would turn around once the weather finally changed.

Hey, has anyone noticed if the weather’s a little different? FUCK. It’s really, really cold! I always bitch & moan about how winters here in KC are lame, compared to my childhood winters in NE Iowa and then my post-college years in Minneapolis, where we waded through snow and braved sub-arctic wind chills every year. I still miss snow, and I still miss the capability of the drivers, and I really hate the fact we’re in the “Ice Band”. But I am grateful for daffodils in early spring, and not being hunched over for four months in a futile attempt to preserve body heat.

However, the weather to the north has pushed down the waterfowl, and while he wisely stayed home today, he and Polly had a very good morning yesterday. My dog… is a bit driven. Her personality is to always be ready to go, always alert, even when sleeping. She’s fearless, she throws herself into retrieving with gusto, and yesterday was no different. James thought she’d have broken her legs, the force with which she hurled herself at the ice yesterday. She just….goes. And when she returns, she’s ready to go again. He took a picture at the end of the day, and I think you can see from her face just how much she loves (and lives) to go hunting.


ETA: Note those folded paws. She does this all the time, and when she gives you “hugs” – it’s so cute, to not put her paws directly on you, and makes her seem even more delicate and proper. Proper pretty Polly….


  1. your dog should take your husband hunting to Shawnee mission park, shoot some of them crap factory Canadian geese.

  2. She’d love to! I think the authorities might frown on it though. And the hand-wringers who’d rather get their meat on a Styrofoam tray and not think about how it got there….

  3. She does, indeed, look satisfied with a job well done, and ready to do some more, should she be asked!

  4. I think the folded paws make her look like, “OMG IT’S SO COLD. MUST PROTECT THE TOES.”

    Go her for the driven and the hunting thing! She does look proud.

  5. It is fantastic that she gets to do that. So many people get working dogs and then don’t have them work. Which, as is clear, is their life, they love it! Hooray Polly!

  6. She looks pleased but at the same time, a little tired from the day’s adventure. My dogs won’t go near water on their own, I can’t imagine them throwing themselves at ice.

    Our weather has been crazy here too – we have 10″ of snow on the ground when we hardly ever get any in the first place, so the city has shut down pretty much since Thursday.

  7. She is stunning! Beautiful composition in the photo!

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