Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

My, What A Fetching Chapeau….

Yes. There has been knitting. I haven’t done much in the way of blogging it, partly because I haven’t done as much blogging in general, but whatevs. You forgive. We move on.

Here we have Hat #1, the lovely Koolhaas, by Jared Flood (Ravelry Link, FYI). This hat rekindled my love of twisted stitches, reminding me just how much I adore them. In fact, they sorta make me shriek with joy. Apparently I was so swept up in my twisted stitches, I opted not to follow the pattern accurately, and so I stunted the first few rows by not knitting them in pattern, and continuing to make the stitches travel. If you do not knit, never mind. I made the hat too short. That’s why you see my buddy Amy modeling it, because it went into her birthday stash.

Amy's Koolhaas

According to her mom, it was THE hat in the house, eschewing all others, for a while there. Flattery, Miss Amy, it will get you everywhere, and quite possibly into my stash! I’m going to teach her how to knit over the holiday break, and I’m looking forward to it.

Fresh on the heels of no-hat-for-old-Jen, I knit another Koolhaas, this time for James. He wears it well.

Big grins

Now, I am going to make myself a Koolhaas, and I cast on for one this weekend, in a beautiful merlot-cranberry merino. But I also needed a hat, and fast. Enter the Chunky Cabled Tam, from the latest issue of Knit 1. (Rav Link)  It’s a fast knit – two strands of Manos, doubled, and it sorta killed my hands. But I was determined, and it was whipped out over the weekend. Part way through, I tried it on and got an interesting reaction from my husband. Part amazement, part shock and maybe a sprinkle of horror. “Is that for you?” he enquired…. uh, yeah! “Wow!” I think we agreed it takes balls to wear it, and balls, well, not so much an issue for me. Chutzpah. I haz it.

Cabled Beret

Yes I Can Wear This Hat


Someone at work pointed out it has the potential to resemble uh, Blueberry Muffin, from Strawberry Shortcake, circa 1980.  I’ll grant them that there’s a resemblance, with the caveat it does only when worn IMPROPERLY.  That’s if you put the hat straight up on your head, and anyone who’s ever worn a beret or tam can tell you, nobody makes that look work well. So piss off, Strawberry Shortcake. I’m wearing the hat and everyone else can go suck it.

And, apparently, this is my general approach to the holidays. I’ve not even looked for cards or wrapping materials, and I remain unfazed. The more I participate in the crazy, the crazier it makes me, so I’m resisting. I can smell the panic around the corner, though.


  1. Becky

    I love the style that Amy and Wo are wearing — I have a hard time finding hats that don’t poof up at the point on the top of your head. Strawberry Shortcake didn’t even enter my mind– I was thinking of “gansta knitta.”

  2. Beth

    That is quite the trio of hats – I’m rather partial to the first one, though : )

    I lurve your blue hat and, yes, you do have the huevos to carry it off. Esp. with that great lipstick!

  3. turtlegirl76

    You wear it well. Rock on sistah. You can be Blueberry Muffin and I shall be the Purple Pie Man and together we shall snark on that bitch Strawberry Shortcake and her freakin’ cat Custard.

  4. Leslie

    Great hats, all of them! That final shot of you is a classic 🙂

  5. shannon in oregon

    your hat is perfect! i would agree that only a select few people with the right amount of chutzpah can truly wear it…i know you have that right amount! i love it!!!

    i still have yet to make a koolhaus. i like the way they look, but the twisting and the no cable needle scares me. 🙂

  6. bekah

    Love the hats… all of them! You’re awesome.

  7. AF

    HAH! You are the effin nittin queen!

    I would totally wear that last hat! Looks great on you. FTW! =)

  8. Spyder

    Oui! Ill sont beaux tes chapeaux!

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