Every year around the 4th, I remember the great summer of ’76, where I collected a shitton of patriotic decals from Cheerios boxes and plastered them all over my lunch box. It’s probably one of the more patriotic memories of myself I’ll ever have.
Today, I pulled together a couple fun things to take out to the pool party/bbq we’ll be attending out in Napoleon, MO, this afternoon, and I think they’re both pretty damned ‘Murrican, with my own signature twist on ‘em. Cherry Jello Shots, and then Chips & Ranch Dip. Except the Ranch dip has a surprise – I added in wasabi powder, and it not only packs a nice punch, but really takes the dip to a creative level for your tastebuds (and sinus cavities). I like to think of it as a deliciously cool and creamy healing tribute between nations, what with Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima. Let the nomming and healing begin!
I think we may have to swing by Gomer’s and get some of that vodka-infused whipped cream to top these jubilant shiny jigglers – and yes, I realize they’re in Valentine’s day mini-cupcake papers, and it pained me greatly to mix up the holiday theme, but it was that or autumn leaves, and at least the red/white part works with the day. And they were made with love. And vodka.

47 cherry jello shots... There were 48 but, well, y'know.

I’ve been in such a heap of relief since my blog was restored, I haven’t dared touch any of my settings, and I still need to upgrade WordPress versions, to boot. Eventually we’ll be rolling right along again, but right now I’m too jumpy – between random M-80s being set off all around us, Tripper barking at unseen things, including M-80s, and a kitchen that seems to require constant cleaning, well, I’m just staying away from the buttons. Have a safe & happy holiday, and don’t blow your hands off, fool!