Busy times ’round these parts! Between work, the house, the garden, the dogs & all the other plans, my birthday came and went, and half the month has already slipped by!

Saw Harry Potter 7.2 or B or whatever, you know which one I’m referring to (unless you’re living on a cult campground, and in that case, WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG? Get out! Escape! Cults are bad!) Anyway, the movie was fantastic. I think splitting the book in two was a fitting way to wrap up the series; it made you wonder how spectacular it could have been, had they split all the books in two, but probably not realistic.  James did the big extravaganza, seeing all 8 films over four nights; he asked if I wanted to go, but that pesky “I have to get up and work” thing just didn’t make it practical. He loved it so much, he was totally ready to see it again, and we were not alone – the only open sets of seats when we got to the 10 am show were in the first two rows! Totally captivating, and during one particular scene in the woods, I started to cry so hard I was afraid I was going to emit those terrible uncontrollable sobbing sounds. My dear husband put his arm around me and got me through it. Sigh. The people we love are with us…. always.

Our white-trash pool is doing well, though right now, it’s about as delightful as taking a hot bath in a steam room – this weather is utter crap, and I’m turning into a mole person, staying indoors with fans and the a/c blasting. I had no idea above-ground pools were considered white trash, I think I read it on the interwebs somewhere,  but whatever, I say suck it, because when it isn’t 8 million degrees out, it’s pretty nice to take a dip and have a frozen adult beverage poolside.  Though with all the research I’ve done on pools, and looking at other sorts of pools, I get served up banner ads for pools every single day and it makes me want to put in an Olympic-sized pool AND get a pool boy. Gotta love my bidness and the hyper-targeting of cookies!

I turned 43 and I’m already mentally calling myself 50.  I think it will help ease me into that decade, and then there’s the added bonus of when I remember exactly how old I am, I’m not 50! James made me a fantastic, three-layer chocolate cake, with cream-cheese frosting in the middle & chocolate frosting on the outside. It was going to be four-layers, but a certain Labrador Retriever (Tripper) who counter cruises with his nose along the stainless steel trim decided the temptation of a cooling layer was way too much, and nommed about 1/4 of it off the counter before I realized what was afoot in the kitchen. You can always tell with Tripper, when it’s quiet… it’s too quiet. Like how he snuck in last night and got the corn cobs out of the trash…. such a doofus. Anyway, it worked out, because there wasn’t enough icing for the outside, and so I had a bi-racial cake, with white and chocolate both on the outside. It was delicious and made with love! Later in the week, my knitting friends treated me to one of my favorite digs (BRGR, though we had aberrant bad service, unfortunately) and some wonderful pressies and a huge wedding cake cookie for all of us to share.


OK – this post has sat as a draft for five days now, so I’m just gonna hit “publish” and try to do another update shortly! The heat is stupid, I’ve noticed a lot of tempers flaring and crazy behavior – let’s try not to make this the Son of Sam summer, k?