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Donner Party, Table for Two, Please.

I am ready for a new year.  Christmas wasn’t much to shake a stick at, but then you wake up and it’s Boxing Day (if you’re in Canada), and you think, ok, we just gotta get to New Year’s Day, and the fresh new calendar page will stand before you, awaiting your move. And then you think, godDAMN it’s cold in here, and did the husband turn the furnace down this morning? And in the shadow of the hallway, you peer at the thermostat, flipping the light switch and seeing that it’s only 53 in the house and it looks like the temperature has been overridden…..to be bumped up to even higher than normal. So you throw on the big fluffy robe over the pajamas and shuffle out to the living room, thinking you hear the furnace moving air but still not sure, and comment on the abnormal chill in the air. To be agreed with, by said husband who has resorted to the space heater singing the hair off his legs.

Yeah. Dead furnace. On the day after Christmas, on a Sunday.  Let the calling begin. We called at least 7 companies, some required a second call to even get a call back, and while the technicians did help the Wo determine it’s the Smart Valve, absolutely nobody had this particular valve rolling around in their inventory. Several told us they might have something, but it would be $130 just to show up and possibly tell us they didn’t.  Then, the real humdinger came from one company who said they could come out today, but it would be a thousand dollars. Uh, wut? But if we waited until tomorrow, it would be $600. Mind you, this part runs about $150. And I get it, it’s Sunday, and a holiday weekend, but REALLY? One Thousand Dollars?!?! That’s like, half a new furnace. With tax deductions for a new one. So we’re toughing it out until tomorrow, and James discovered why the part failed (a tiny leak from a water line valve dripped onto it), so it’s a straightforward job, and certainly not requiring a new furnace installation.  Good Lord almighty. And of course all this happens on the coldest day of the week – forecast for Thursday is 60’F – but tonight will drop to about 14’F.

We went out for Thai brunch (they said we could stay as long as we wanted!) and then over to our friend Staci’s to watch the Chiefs triumph and to bask in her heated home.  Just spent the rest of the day running multiple space heaters and the furnace in the upstairs (office/craft room) to semi-insulate us.  Of course, I can find the electric blankets? But no cords. So my side of the bed looks like a f’n Arctic princess is about to go to sleep, piled high with comforters and blankets (plus a heating pad by my feet!) and I shouted out to the Wo, “I NEED FURS!”

(Speaking of fur…. the dogs put out a little heat, too, and they’ll be fine. I joked we’d just wear them draped over our shoulders or like coats if it gets really bad.)

My fingers are crossed for tomorrow to go smoothly, quickly, and WARMLY, and then like I said…. January, you can get here as soon as you please.

O Happy Day……

I went to Bangkok Pavilion last week for lunch; they have a Thai buffet & it was quite tasty. (Thom Yum soup from heaven!) So the Wo & I decided to give their weekend lunch buffet a go, and boy howdy, were we ever delighted. It was like going home. We walked in the door & I immediately spotted one of the women from the now-defunct (but dearly loved) Thai 2000. (Previous adoring posts on Thai 2000 can be found here, here and here.) Sure enough, the sisters from Thai 2000 were there, and this was the first weekend the restaurant was trying out the authentic brunch.

We almost fell over from the sheer happiness of it all. James kept asking me if I knew and was keeping it as a surprise. (Nope!)

I will say that the food had less spice, and that will probably help it appeal to a wider contingency. They have all the spice condiments so you can make your own degree of heat, which is nice. I was actually able to eat two bowls of Chicken Curry Soup, and before could only get through half a bowl, due to the amount of flaming hot spice in it. I had the traditional pork-noodle appetizer, and one of the workers told me I was eating it just like an authentic Thai person would. (With a spoon. Go me!) By the time we left, the place was hopping, skewing heavily to an Asian dining population, which again, is usually a good sign. The service was excellent, and I know we’ll be going back again soon. It was great to discover it this weekend – and the added bonus being, it’s like, 8 miles closer than Thai 2000 was!

Of course, we’ll continue to support our local Thai restaurant (Thai House) ; I’m now on a first-name basis with the chef there, and when I call in my order I make sure she’s the one making my Red Curry Beef. They hired an additional cook a while back, and whoever they are, they don’t make it like Penny does. I declared myself the “Prime Minister of Thai Food” to James, as I was bloviating about the Red Curry Situation a few weeks ago, and kudos to the owners for listening to me when I brought it up. James pointed out that title IS self-appointed. However, I do think I’ve earned it.

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