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May the Force Be with Him/Her

I was delighted by all the things to look at on the car in front of me today. But I wondered: is this a dude or a chick, driving this mashup of statements? For on the left, there was a rainbow sticker. On the right, a vote Hillary sticker. Then there’s the big bike rack.  On a Jeep. Oh, yeah, and the enormous “Star Wars” sticker. I really thought it could go either way, but I made sure to pass once on the highway, and confirm for myself.

guess the gender!

Just for fun, I want you to vote and tell me what you think! And I’ll reveal tomorrow what the correct answer is.

Weeeeee are the champions…. my friend….

So my pal Laura posted this quiz, and while the little floaty-talking lady bugged the crap out of me, her quiz and results felt dead-on. (But then, I always wonder: are there five other results that would also feel dead-on?)

Jennifer’s Motivational DNA Type is PVE, (Production-Variety-External): The Champion

Champions enjoy a challenge and love to win. They are charming and enthusiastic leaders. Champions are natural persuaders. They don’t mind being the center of attention and are good at working with others while advancing their own ideas. Champions tend to be engaging and charismatic. They are skilled at getting things done in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In fact, obstacles just make tasks more interesting for a Champion. They are quick decision makers and can be impatient with those who are not. As solid negotiators, Champions are willing to compromise to get the job done. Champions have an innate ability to get others to follow their lead.

PVE Motivators: Challenging assignments, authority, profitability, freedom from supervision and control, opportunities for advancement, contests, public recognition, deadlines, calculated risk and popularity.

PVE De-Motivators: Strict controls, protracted analysis, “group think,” and deliberation without meaningful action.

Quick-Start Tips for Goal Achievement:

1. Your motivational type is always busy. It’s imperative that you create space in your schedule to devote exclusively to doing what is necessary to achieve the goal. The time will not magically appear. You must block off intervals to work on your goal.

2. Competition and commensurate rewards are powerful motivators for your motivational style. Design a contest with like-minded achievers who have the same goal. The first one to cross the finish line wins the big prize.

3. Make sure that the process is enjoyable. Invest the time and intentional focus to find fun ways of achieving your goal

K, so, I had to bold the ‘de-motivators’, because if one sentence could describe the culture of my former employer, that’d be it! I laughed out loud. And yes, while most people will say they don’t like “group-think”, I abhor it. My father instilled in me a deep need to question things, particularly if everyone is going along with it. Probably why I’m skittish about organized religion. And, yeah. All those motivators are spot-on. Money, a deadline & an enormous task? LOVE. I seriously just perked up out of my cold thinking about the prospect of such a challenge.

Someone should give me a book deal, stat.

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