Don’t get me wrong – I do love getting home in daylight, without the sun sinking into the west and shadows creeping in along the edges. I am just not enthralled with the whole “getting up” part that bookends the beginning of the day. And yesterday, I discovered we’d forgotten to adjust the clock on the thermostat, so no wonder it was freezing chilly cold when I got up! (And it’s why I promptly went back to bed under warm covers.)

I have kitchen duty this week at work (which I only remembered today, so some kind soul did my work yesterday & this morning. The guilt!) and I follow the most fastidious man on the planet. I’m shocked he doesn’t clean the kitchen with a toothbrush. He actually dries all the bottoms of the coffee mugs as he moves them from the dishwasher to the cupboard. Dude takes his job seriously. At least the kitchen is spotless before I start my tour of duty….

And, in completely unrelated news (this is practically a Random Orts post but I’m not inclined to edit it…), the Wo and I got new phones when we renewed our contract with T-Mobile. The customer service person I talked to the other day almost got down on their knees and bowed through the phone, because we’ve been with them since 2000, and that’s like, 50 years in phone years. We both got slider phones – mine’s a RIZR and his is a Samsung somethin’ or other, and now we both have the internets on our phones, and we’re like a geriatric duo, figuring out how to browse while Mo-BILE. (not while driving, but just ON the mo-bile.) I’m struggling because Yahoo keeps coming up in GIANT FONTS! BIG LETTERS! Like it not only thinks I’m old, but I’m blind. No like. Don’t care for the tiny keys and I’m not going to convert to texting anytime soon (We didn’t get that package.) But it was fun to check my email while waiting for my lunch date to show up!

So much else going on – some bloggable, some not, one of my projects is hatching, and I’ll show you sooooon. Promise!

P.S. I discovered today that the whole process of consuming Pez is much more straightforward if you rip open the entire paper container and eat them straight away, instead of installing them into the little plastic dispenser. I’m all about cutting out the plastic middleman and unnecessary steps.