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My ISE Angel….

I’ve been a little stressed – but it’s no excuse. I need to give a big shout-out to my Int’l Scarf Exchange angel, Christine, who knit me up a yummy ribbed scarf in Jo Sharp Silk Tweed. Of course, she didn’t stop there, and packed along lots of other goodies from her home country of Australia.

Wrapped Packages!

Oh, I just love when everything comes all wrapped up! If I were doing another swap, I would remember to do this. But as I say every time, I’m not doing another swap. Christine sent some de-lish gummy animals (I can honestly say I had never eaten a gummy platypus before in my life), some chocolate (and chocolate espresso beans!), a cool knitting magazine, another skein of the Jo Sharp yarn, and then a skein of wool from the Knittery. Super duper cool!!!

ISE Angel Package

Thanks again, Christine. It really says something when a person knits two scarves & sends out two packages, and you truly are an angel!


  1. Emma Dog

    Can I just say…
    Awesome! I’m glad you got some love in return for the effort and care I know you put into the gift you sent to the person whose name you drew in the exchange.

    The links to the pictures, though? Not showing for me. It’s just text.

  2. Becky

    It’s about time you got something back for your swap! I’ve never even heard of gummy platypuses.

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