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Holy Filezilla, Batman!

I have long-professed my desire to be more nerdy. Probably from the beautiful actors in “Hackers“. In any event, I still have to do my blog roll, BUT, BUT, I upgraded to the current WordPress – Mike (of Monday’s comments, and speaking of Monday, boy howdy, we sure proved that we aren’t a political blog here, though I’m going to get around to more politics in a minute) – Mike was kind enough to send me some technical links, which I completely botched installing. Mainly the WP auto-updater. I put it in and Poof! Bye-bye website. Couldn’t for the life of me straighten it out. So. I went old-school. Line-by-line, read the instructions on how to install the upgrade, followed them diligently, and then – I do believe successfully – also installed the “Subscribe to comments” plug-in Mike had sent my way as well. I am a little rat-a-tat-tat machine-gun style with all of this, notably the part where I just DELETED entire folders and files. I was pretty sure I had a backup. Heh.  I attribute some of my shoot-em-up approach to the fact I lost most of last Saturday creating a CNAME re-direct for the Wants & Kneeds storefront, which apparently negated my hosting services at directNIC, and once they figured out what I had done, POOF! No worky, nothin’. I am now also adept at opening and appending numerous trouble tickets in their customer service section! And I’m just going to have to live with the absence of a redirect.  Maybe. I’m still waggling my eyebrows at that one.  However, I’ve become quite handy with the ol’ Filezilla, a free FTP program.

SO! I have a lot of Random Orts building up, with pictures even, so I will save that for another day, BUT, I will have a small triumphant dance on Phill Kline’s loss over in Kansas yesterday. God, that man makes me crazy. I firmly believe he is the Right to Life’s version of Joseph McCarthy, and he abused his position of power mightily to further his own political beliefs and agenda, all on the taxpayers’ dime.  Phill? I don’t care if you don’t agree with Roe v. Wade. IT’S THE LAW. As a public official, it is your duty to uphold the law, not squirrel away confidential medical records from your last job as Attorney General, and attempt to wield your limited scope of power like a bludgeon on the law.  Now there’s talk he’ll go into politics, and I’m sure he’ll have the support of his fervent followers (as I heard this morning on KCUR, pledging to support him in his “good fight”).  Well, good riddance is what I say, and I will point out that it was you, YOU in the first place, who motivated me to donate to NARAL, and I’ve continued to do so every year. Perhaps your skill set is needed in Topeka.

Harrumph and Triumph.


  1. meesha.v

    Looks good, sorry about your trouble and now I am subscribed to comments!

  2. lauragayle

    hey, congrats on getting that storefront working!

  3. lyn

    yes…good riddance to phill

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