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Pick A Pecka Purple Peppahs?

As promised, here’s the photo of all the peppers I procured last Saturday.
(Grown by JWo, of course.) (I’m going to label the individual pepper varieties on Flickr.)
Bountiful Peppers from the Garden

And here’s the scarf I started over the weekend – Gigi, with Tilli Thomas Disco Lights.



  1. meesha.v

    Peppers look good. Scarf-not my choice of colors 🙂

  2. Laura

    Wow. Nice photos lady!

  3. Knitterrooney

    That yarn/scarf looks delicious!

  4. Emma Dog

    The peppers are beautiful! As is the scarf! But the disco lights? Are they little sequns? It’s pretty, but I can’t imagine they’d be non-scratchy?

  5. Kyra

    LOVE the scarf!!!!

  6. ChelleC

    Love the scarf AND the peppers. Seeing the scarf in person is very impressive. Nice gardening – my garden didn’t do much this year, sadly.

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