Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

Happy Halloween!

We had our company party this afternoon, and I went as a Yip Yip from Sesame Street.  You can be the judge of how accurately it turned out….

Me as a Yip Yip

Big thanks to my husband for trouble-shooting, problem-solving & helping out in general. I didn’t win the big prize, alas, but I enjoyed the memories of doing the yip-yip patter with my dad when I was a kid. Not everyone knew who/what I was, either, but no matter. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope…..


  1. shannon in oregon

    love it!!! happy halloween!

  2. a beer sort of girl

    HILARIOUS! These were my favorite Sesame Street characters. Uh-huh, uh-huh, yip yip yip yip.

  3. turtlegirl76

    That is the best costume EVAR! How could people not know what you were? Are there really people that don’t know yip yips?

  4. bekah

    That is SO awesome. SO awesome! If THAT didn’t win, I certainly would like to see the costume that DID.

  5. Kara

    Love it!!! And thanks for posting the video — haven’t seen that in so long!

  6. Carolyn J.

    Now all you need is a blue yip-yip partner for next year!

  7. Andrea (Off Her Cork)

    People not knowing who you were makes me very sad. Boo on them! I love this costume and told my husband about it, who does not remember the Yips (he had a weird childhood, it’s like none of this stuff existed for him! LOL) Anyway I did my impression and picked the phone skit! So I’m doubly pleased to see it on youtube. 😀

    Also, just to pass along, I thought about you the other day. We got this catalog in the mail about “stuff you never knew existed” and one of the items for purchase was a personal whack-a-mole machine. Isn’t that hilarious!

  8. Becky

    That’s great — very original and I bet it was comfortable (my new goal for any costume).

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