Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

Everyone Remembers Their First….

and now my (relatively new) blog has gotten it’s very own troll.


Ain’t that cute? I wonder if he lives under a bridge and eats goats on Sunday. Whups! Perhaps he just sacrifices them.

You know, I don’t actively seek out blogs of folks I dislike, or with whom I disagree, let alone leave snide comments for those people who write such blogs to read. Yes, yes, I understand that I will never get my troll badge, operating under this principle. The irony is that HIS blog is all blather and bravado about how you can’t be disrespectful and blah blah blah blah blah. Go home, fucknut. You will never change my mind and I am PRO CHOICE and voted for OBAMA. (Just a little salt for your wound or your balls, whichever you happen to be licking right now.) I don’t like holier-than-thou assclowns, and your comments will never, ever appear on my blog. Because, see, it’s MINE. That’s why this is all so cool. Speaking of cool, I DO have a fairly good little program here in WordPress, and should he persist, he shall find himself not only blocked, banned, and branded, but I’ve got his IP and all that other good stuff. Not to mention a whoooole lotta friends who have my back, combined with ninja computer skills.

Just sayin’.


  1. Amanda

    You did mention you have many friends with very pointy objects that could poke the shit out of his troll ass too right?

  2. bekah

    WordPress is delovely because you can block out people from your blog entirely if you have their IP addy. But you probably knew that. Do we get the link to said troll?

  3. Jeni

    What is it with SOME of the McCain supporters that they have to be so nasty and hateful?? I have been amazed at the difference in tone between the McCain supporters and Obama supporters in the online communities, and at some of the rallies and I have to wonder if that is really what McCain wanted to inspire.

  4. shannon in oregon

    yes, many of us do carry pointy objects at all times…he doesn’t want to mess with the knittahs!!!!

  5. Emma Dog

    I can’t even say what I’m thinking out loud, really.
    Maybe it helps that, for the most part, I avoid the troll-inducing stuff? I try to be mundane? Makes me look pretty ‘blah’ to the blog-trolls of the world (and probably 99% of everyone else, as well), and I like it like that. 😉
    And hey, if you need more pointy objects, let me know.

  6. Becky

    I’ve been pretty lucky, the “jokes” that have been left on my site so far were friends and I got them to stop pretty quickly. I don’t understand why people say stuff like that, esp. when you’re just expression your opinion on your own page — there’s something about hiding behind a blog or the web that makes people far more rude, blunt and bold than if they were your co-worker or friend having a conversation. Especially with the election, I’ll admit that some of my daily reads have frustrated me with some of the things they’ve written, so I just don’t comment.

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