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No Patience For The Stupid. Or Zombies.

Actually, I have yet to see a horror movie where zombies really exhibit a whole lot of intelligence. I believe it’s inherent in the name …. a reanimated dead body, according to Merriam-Webster. And that says NOTHING about brains. For the most part, I think zombies just amble around in stiff, uncomfortable way, much like all of us over the age of 35 do in the morning. Just maybe not with arms outstretched, looking to kill you. Because that also seems to be their thing, to kill you.

Well, I lost a good chunk of time this week to the zombie, mostly because I got really really mad, and I posted on Ravelry under the title “SHE’S  NOT DEAD”. (that post is below). I ranted, like I did here earlier in the week, about this zombie faker and because most things in Lazy Stupid & Godless fly by at an alarmingly rapid rate, I thought it would be a nice cleansing post, I’d get about 8 replies, and we’d continue on with our lives. Yeah. I can be dense sometimes. I now know how the idiot out in California feels when she thinks it’s not too windy to make a little fire to cook some wienies, and suddenly half the state is on fire.I felt a little nauseous, because blowback is often what happens to people who do such stuff.


Anyway, more proof is being gathered (though as someone observed, it’s very hard to prove a negative) – but if you can convict someone of murder without a body, I’m thinking we can find a preponderance of evidence that would eliminate any doubts people may still have. It will live on a website and will be fabulous!

What set me over the edge was that my friend told me that a knit-along was being formed in her memory for next month. And that meant… more people would buy her patterns that were still up for sale under the premise donations were being made to charity. The one I saw said it was going to the American Cancer Society, and friends, when you lose the one person in your life who’s always been there, taught you at least half of what you know and was the only source of unconditional love for 30 years – when you lose someone like that to cancer, and someone else uses cancer to make a buck? PlazaJen get real mad and blow up like Hulk.  And all the world fell away around me and I couldn’t see straight & my hair on the back of my neck went up and I think the air might have crackled a bit. So I pounded out a non-naming bitch slap, and discovered a whoooole lotta people who were hot on the trail & dug up more evidence and started tracking her on Ravelry, much the way the weatherman here tracks Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Change your name? Beep beep beep beep, seconds later it is announced to everyone and the private messaging exploded. Really, I was impressed at the sleuthiness of my fellow LSG’ers, because they were ON IT like beagles after a fox.  All of this will go to the joint effort that’s being amassed, for the evidence website.

The crazy part is, she’s still on the site. Why, is beyond me. Talk about a pariah. To paraphrase the old saying, “Bitch – you’ll never knit in this town again.” RIP Momma Monkey, Confined2Me, Miss Cissy, GinaBlaq, Ginablackq, whatever you want to call yourself today, tomorrow, next week. Those eyes I saw peering out of my computer monitor have to look at themselves in the mirror, and I know. I KNOW. No matter how hard you try and mind fuck yourself, you will know, in the smallest. darkest, dustiest room tucked deep in your soul, that what you did was wrong. Might I suggest something for your next tattoo?

“I repent”

Backwards. On your forehead.

~~~~~ for the non-Ravelers, this was my post~~~~~~~~

If you knew there was a pile of proof, pointing to the fact that someone who was a popular indie knitter/designer/purveyor of goods had FAKED THEIR DEATH, and you could hardly talk about it with anyone, because nobody knows what to do with this proof, or really, even, how to present it to the greater community? What would one do?
(Besides self-combust, of course.)

No, I am not referencing Teh Crazy that is MCY. This preceded MCY, but it parallels quite astonishingly. I did not uncover the proof, but I trust the person who did, who has, in turn, had numerous pieces confirmed by others close to the person.

My problem, as a member of this fabulous community, is that designs are probably still being purchased, because said moneys are now going to “charity”. People cried real tears over the individual’s death! This as nuclear as a FatBoy over Nagasaki, and yet, I can barely keep my ire in check, knowing that this individual is walking around – blogging and tweeting about what pants to wear – while the community at large has been duped – once again.

Therefore, I would at least like to petition the general knitting community that, from this point forward, some sort of newspaper death notice, or coroner’s report, or police blotter item be required before tributes, fundraisers, knit-a-longs or other fantastic acts of kindness are performed. I do not want to become a hard-hearted bitch, anymore than I already am, and I think this is the only way we can keep these horrid people from yanking the rug out from under us. Are we in agreement?

To quote my friend Willy, “Truth will out.”


  1. Andrea

    I love that people are posting about this to their blogs. I’ve been too lazy to post it to mine yet, but hopefully this weekend I’ll get the chance.

  2. MoxieMamaKC

    Holy crap! I can’t even imagine the backwash of Karma that zombie is producing. Just be patient and know that what goes around, comes around…yikes. That’s some nasty karma brewing.

  3. bekah

    I play this zombie game on Xbox, Left 4 Dead, and there’s this one part the chick character is talking about how ridiculously fast they run and she’s like, “I CALL ZOMBIE BULLSHIT.”

    I think you just called zombie bullshit. 🙂

    And I agree with MoxieMama… some bad karma will be a-comin’ her way.

  4. Emma Dog

    oh, yeah, her soul will crackle and pop over the fiery pits of karma.

  5. Renata

    Sounds like she’s her own worst enemy.

    When did she supposedly “die” — around November 2007 or so? I found where she joined the National Novel Writing Month website in October 2008. Pretty good for a zombie. I’d think they’d have problems with their fingers falling off while typing. Not to mention voice recognition software would probably type stuff like “glarrrrggghhhh glarrggg braaaaiiiiinnnnnnsss…”

  6. tonna11

    Wow–I have to give it up to the nancy drews that found out all the different names she was using!!!! And the thing that kills me is that this zombie had to have had help to pull this off. Help from online friends! Who would do such a thing? Its one thing to panic and pull this nonsense, its another entirely to say “hey–so and so is going to fake her death, and she need my help–whats the worst that could happen?”!! I think they might just be about to find out………………………!
    Kudos for a job well done, and for taking all the normal flak that comes with it! Remember, we are all here for you!

  7. KatAutumn

    Ah hell, I’ll say it – I think her supposed friends, those who were partners in her business venture, owe people a fucking explanation. How can you act as a go-between for MommaMonkey’s family and shame the knitting community when they were “putting too much pressure on a grieving family to keep the patterns up” and not know she was still alive? People who will claim on Knitty Board and Ravelry to this damn day that they were friends with Gigi in real life. Sorry, but when I see these people breezing through Ravelry acting as if nothing happened, that pisses me off.

    You can’t hide your guilt by association. I know if I were innocent, I’d be more than happy to post on the Big 6 that I was duped along with everyone else. By pretending it didn’t happen and acting like a bitch when questioned about it makes you look guilty.

    Anyway, excellent detective skills, yo. I can’t wait for more details. It’s just so juicy.

  8. rita n/

    I am pretty ticked off by it all, but decided that i’d point and laugh… cuz it’s better than crying! she sucks. But making it as public as possible… keeps her from getting away with it!

  9. tonna11

    Renata, she “died” at the end of January of 2008. A friend of mine and I messaged Casey about her not being dead in Feb of 08 (he posted that in LSG) but we had no hard “proof”. Just ugly suspicion and a lack of any death certificates filed anywhere we could find, like ssdi and hawaii death certificate office. Still, you are right–those fingers should have been falling off!!!LOL!!!

    KatAutumn-I totally agree. I know the one you are talking about, the one who put up the patterns for sale, and so forth. I refer to her as “the twat”. If you take the last noun in her screen name, and replace it with twat, there are many giggles to be had!!!LOL!!! There is one more, supposedly the socktopia assistant the Zombie got right before she died–and shes listed in Miss Cissys friends!!! I took a world of abuse from both of them, and I’m just sitting back, waiting for it to come out!!! As Jen has proven–the truth will out, and knitters have very pointy sticks!!!LOL!!!

  10. Teri


  11. Andrea

    I’ve seen the smoking gun evidence that Gigi is alive, but I have not seen smoking gun evidence that other people were involved. I have my suspicions, and have seen something that is questionable, but I’m going to consider everyone innocent until proven guilty.

  12. Andrea

    Okay, I found some smoking gun evidence today that one of her friends before her death has been in touch with her revived corpse after death.

  13. Jen


    I was wondering if any evidence of her fake death was ever presented somewhere?. There’s a lot of “I’ve seen the evidence” on blogs and Ravelry boards, but no one seems to be actually saying what they know.

    I’m just curious b/c someone posted a comment on my blog, and this is the first I’ve heard of it. After slogging through many pages of “PM me, I wanna know” on the Ravelry boards, I gave up on learning any verifiable info.

    Was wondering if you knew where to read/view this smoking gun evidence.


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