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I Thought This Was Strange

Hubs ran into Wal-Mart last night for bait (yes, that would be one of the distinctions between WM and Target – ) and I waited in the car. I did a giant loop-de-loop around the lot and then parked near the door, ready to move should it become an active Fire Lane.

While waiting, a guy ran up (not sure from which direction), plugs in some tool, and starts working on this other unidentifiable object he was carrying. Dude spends a few minutes doing this, and then unplugs his whatchamajig,  picks up the flat thingy and saunters off.


I’m going with yet another differentiator from Target?


  1. Becky

    Cell phone cameras sure come in handy to provide those visual references — that is bizarre. But I would also go with prices as being another differentiator. Toiletries are oftentimes cheaper at WalMart.

  2. Spyder


  3. Lynn

    I wonder if he had just purchased the tool to fix the mystery item and planned to go right back in and return the tool when finished.

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