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Wellll, hello Economy….

Nothing like getting fired on a Monday. It’s happened to me once before, ages ago, and as I compare this time to that time, there are significant differences. Back then, I was mobile. I had an apartment, and I had no ties. Here, I’m in a house, married, and love where I live. Back then, you found jobs through newspapers and headhunters.

Now, there’s the internet. And if you noticed your internet service was slower this week, it’s because I was burning up the cable lines with all my networking! Which is the most encouraging thing to be able to do – there are so many people out there who are ready and willing to help, with ideas, and leads, and words of encouragement. Advice and perspective. It’s all so…. oddly good in what is arguably an extremely stressful time.  Oh, there are still spontaneous freak outs, and I don’t expect they’ll end entirely – but as I watched who came forward to reach out, and who walked away, I found myself feeling glad. Shedding dead weight and negative energy you grew so used to it became invisible.

It may not pay the bills, but getting emails from my treasured clients, concerned about my departure, will be one of the treasures I take from this experience.   And I have the confidence that when I look back on this point in my life, it will simply be the point at which the new path was forged, and I will be seeing it from a much better place.  That first dismissal… I still laugh about being let go the week of Thanksgiving….because the turkey business we had fired us.

(and if you know of any marketing/branding/advertising/media/strategic type of jobs, do send me an email at plazajen AT gmail —dot commmmm.)

peace, yo! And oh, yeah, Economy? Turn yer butt around!


  1. Becky

    Oh no — I thought we were pretty much passed all the potential layoffs at this point. So sorry to hear that you’re having to go through this as well. I was also laid off on a Monday, which I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t get it over with on a Friday. There were enough hints that I spent the weekend knowing that it was coming and dreading it.

    I heard our media team is hiring, but not sure if you’re willing to move or even what level that it’s at. Send me an email if you want more info.

  2. shannon in oregon

    i honestly don’t know what to say. don’t want to come off too sappy, but also don’t want to come off as trite.

    so i wish you luck as you search…


  3. turtlegirl76

    Aw man! That sucks! I’ll keep my ears open, but the only jobs I could possibly put you in touch with out there are snack food sales related.

  4. Chelle

    Jen, oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear it, but as you say, you will later look back and find that this is leading to something better.

  5. Leslie

    Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry! My husband was laid off at the end of March and just went back to work a couple of weeks ago. I hope your search yields results more quickly. It’s time for me to return to the job market, too, but it’s scary, given all that’s happening right now. Not sure what I’ll find or when, but hopefully things will start looking up soon for all of us!

  6. bekah

    So, so, so shitty. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending good thoughts and job wishes your way… I hope you find something soon!

  7. korin

    I’m home sick with something awful, and am just catching up on blogs… OMG! I’m so very sorry Jen! I’m glad you have a positive outlook.

    Just keep knitting, i mean swimming!

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