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Afternoon Snack

Since my unemployment has coincided with the school year, we’ve opted for after-school snacks instead of packing James a lunch in the morning. It’s been rather fun, and I intentionally made this one orange-themed. (Those mandarin oranges are from Aldi’s!)

Also, let’s talk about carrots. I’ve given up on the pre-fab, uber-convenient so-called ‘baby’ carrots. It seems that the manufacturer has taken to including more water in the bag – because the absence of water made the carrots, in my words, ‘dusty’. But now the water? Makes them slimy. I hit the wall when I had to return a huge tub to CostCo, and then the next week, saw the same sort of slimy water on a regular 2# bag of the carrots. Irritated, I decided it was time to get back to my proverbial roots. Back in the day, carrots required a modicum of work. It’s not that much, really, and I’ve always enjoyed the ol’ peeler. And you know what? Way more flavor. Way more moisture. Carrots the way they always have been, and we’d forgotten that, in the ease of bagged, shaped, finger-sized convenience. The first carrot I peeled reminded me of how my dad would whittle a screwdriver-shaped carrot for me, the strips left behind destined for salad. A contented crunch.

Bonus? The dogs love carrots, too, so they get the ends, which they excitedly chomp on while watching to see if more are going to be tossed their way.


  1. Liz Leonard

    I love a carrot, just like I love a cone.

  2. PlazaJen

    HA! You know the cone reigns supreme, baby!

  3. Average Jane

    The biggest revelation from my CSA share this year was my reintroduction to what carrots are supposed to taste like. Even the whole carrots at the grocery store are bland and lack the slight tinge of bitterness that a fresh carrot should have.

  4. shannon in oregon

    the so called “baby” carrots aren’t even truly baby carrots at all. they are larger carrots that are cored…so they are “cores of regular carrots” which i suppose is a mouth full and hence they named them baby carrots.

    josie can’t stand carrots. she just looks at me like i’m insane when i offer them up to her.

  5. sue


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