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Ripple Glass Recycling

I was so happy to learn that a Ripple Glass recycling container was going in near us – this one’s in the Gomer’s parking lot, 99th & Holmes. When I was in Gomer’s a couple weeks ago, one of the employees told me it had been there a short time and was already half full! I’ve got a container now in the garage for collecting our own glass, and am most impressed by the consortium of businesses that came together to make it happen – as someone who’s acutely aware of marketing and how it’s amassed, created and presented, I give this one two thumbs up. The corporate sponsors have their logos on the container, and it’s a brilliant initiative spearheaded by Boulevard Brewing.  Check out the site & start recycling!


  1. Carolyn J.

    What did you do with your glass before this?

  2. PlazaJen

    it went into the trash. The city wouldn’t recycle it with the other stuff, saying it posed a hazard to collection workers. Having lived in Mpls, where recycling has been around forever, it drove me nuts. This isn’t as convenient as curbside, but it’s a huge improvement!

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