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Funniest Thanksgiving Moment

My brother-in-law and my husband have a similar sense of humor. (From what I understand, there was a period in their lives where they watched Beavis & Butthead together and laughed until their abdomens felt like the old metal toothpaste tubes, over-bent and ready to bust.) Needless to say, they both are funny people. Steve (my BIL) had his iPhone with him, and as we all sat around the big table, he delivered some impromptu hilarity: dramatic readings of other family members’ Facebook application status updates.
Not the status updates you type in yourself, mind you. Just the ones you allow your games to publish to your wall – and they happen to be all the things I tend to click ‘hide’ when they show up on my page. There’s no way I can capture in written form how drop-dead funny this was, but my husband and I were gasping for air we were laughing so hard (who knew Farmville could be so funny?) and our cheeks and jaws hurt by the time he wound down the readings. I don’t think I’ll see those things the same way from now on.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving – I was in charge of salad, and it was the breakaway hit of the meal, if you can believe that! I’ll put the recipe up this week; it’s super simple, delicious, and we ate it three days in a row!


  1. shannon in oregon

    love moments like that, where you can’t stop laughing no matter how hard you try…but you don’t really want to stop laughing because it feels so good to do so.

  2. Chelle

    Yeah I’d love that recipe. Thanks!

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