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Good Lord. Crazy Cat Lady done got herself into something last night. I was awakened by Tripper, barking his head off, around 12:30 a.m. – sure enough, we had a cop car, a paddy wagon & an ambulance across the street.  I paused for a moment, and in that time, down the driveway marched CCL, hands behind her back, as the female officer led her to the back of the ambulance.  I could only presume she was in cuffs, given her hands and the officer’s.

What! the! Hell!? I am so curious, of course, because this is the first time it looked like cuffage was involved. I just tried to pry some information out an officer at South Patrol, to no avail. Apparently, I can’t even go in and find out what’s going on, since obtaining a police report still requires ME to somehow be involved in the situation, and we don’t need that sort of crazy ’round here.  Sounds like it’s time for me to bug my PI friend to pull some reports…. and hell, while we’re at it, finish up the zombie drama! That would be a good goal for the end of the year, eh? Of course I will share, if I find anything out!!!


  1. meesha.v

    Olathe publishes this kind of stuff http://www.olatheks.org/Police/Outreach/Media/Blotter/Offenses, maybe KCMO does too

  2. bekah

    One awesome thing about where I live is every day they publish online who was arrested where and when and for what. It’s AWESOME if you’re into snooping… hehehe 🙂

  3. PlazaJen

    Meesha, I’ve been trying to use crimereports, but nothing ever shows up. The officer was all, “Well, it’s really her business and I certainly can’t tell you anything, especially over the phone.” I’m of the mind that hey, my tax dollars pay for these now-weekly visits, not to mention when she shows up on our doorstep, which has happened more than a few times, it would be nice to know if she’s a meth head or something.
    Bekah – oh that we had that!!!

  4. Amanda

    Do you live in KS or MO? If in MO and you know her name you could do a search on Casenet…it gives all the good info 🙂

  5. PlazaJen

    And I’ve tried casenet as well… lol. Guess whatever the charges are, they don’t stick!

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