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My Marching Band

I was chatting with a couple dear friends a few days ago, and I jokingly talked about the non-existent marching band behind me. I stated there would have to be French Horns, as I looked at one friend, who looked a bit stunned, wasn’t sure why, and then I added, “And bassoons! Bassoons! Those are the two super cool instruments.”

They both collapsed in laughter at me, for it seems I had uncannily and unwittingly chosen the two instruments that are NOT part of marching bands.

Once again proving my drum major’s beat is very, very different. Perhaps we don’t march, but ride in the back of a flatbed truck?


  1. Jessica Kerrigan

    Ha! I played bassoon in college. Our orchestra was always scrambling for money. One time we actually did march in a nighttime parade as part of stunt put on by the campus humor magazine. Let me tell you, there is a reason orchestras don’t march!

  2. lauragayle

    we did leave out harps, pianos, and organs. ;) love you!

  3. camelama

    You could hire these folks – the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band! I’m sure they could come up with a french horn and bassoon to ride along. :)


  4. karen

    Well, as a former band geek, I can tell you that there sort of is french horns in the marching band. It’s called the F Horn and it’s the same tone aas the French horn except it’s like a big trumpet and not all cute like the french horn (and I had fun playing it too)

  5. lauragayle

    But it is “sort of.” The marching band version. It’s just when Jen said “French Horns!” Well. Yeah, I lost it. I posed like a hornist with hand in bell and all. ;0

  6. chelsea

    marching french horns are called mellophones! the look like giant trumpets, but have the same tonal qualities as french horns.. and bassoons play in the pit with xylophones and other impossible-to-march-with instruments, usually percussion.. ..wow, i’m a geek.

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