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oh mah goooooood

ok, sorry, this isn’t a real post. I’ve spent the morning doing the WP upgrade (sorry, Meesha, no matter how many times I try to use the automatic upgrade, I’m still forced to do the overall upgrade manually.) Which was all fine and dandy until I tried to upgrade my plugins, which absolutely refuse to connect to my server. I’ve checked, double-checked, changed host numbers, tried different passwords, all to no avail. wtf? and then I see that my basic config file hasn’t been updated/upgraded since October, so I edited that  – and suddenly my entire blog went away. I almost threw up. So I restored the old file and blog came back, but I know I don’t have the most current config.php file now, the sizes are different, but this is definitely where the blurring of capability meets doesn’t-necessarily-know-wtf-she-is-doing collide and so I may require some speshal help at some point. I do have a laptop now so I’m mobile, if anyone wants to find time to meet after the snowpocalypse melts.


But let’s talk about my precious. Precious Ramotswe, named Precious first and foremost because my laptop makes me feel like Gollum, and I want to pet my precioussssss yesssssss, we covet, and then I thought I’d class it up by naming her for the main character in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books, whom I love.  She’s a stately Dell Studio Inspiron, 17″, Windows 7  and has all the bells & whistles I wanted/needed for less than it would have cost to buy a notebook off the shelf & add on the programs. Had to wait a few weeks, but worth it.

My new little friend...JWo said it looks like a creamsicle. It is delicious!


  1. meesha.v

    there is a fix for broken automatic upgrade if you have ftp access to your server. it literally took me hours to figure it out. email me if interested, I’ll find it after work

  2. Chelle

    That is a beautiful laptop. And I share your love of Madame Romatswe – that Ladies Detective series is a favorite of mine. I wish Alexander McCall-Smith wrote books faster – unfortunately I don’t like his other series. His Sunday Philosopher lady leaves me cold.

  3. Carolyn J.

    Love the 17″ laptop, hate the huge shoulder dent and backache my husband gets from lugging his around. Mind you, he also carries a terabyte hard drive, laptop cooler, and the adapter, which has a giant transformer. I hope you can pack much, much lighter.

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