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Yet Another….Facebook, WTF?

Egads. What the fuck is that thing? Half baby, half possum, all Edward Gorey? Imagine the sucking sounds that thing makes when it’s ‘accidentally’ left at the beach.  I’m pretty sure it’s got at least two rows of razor-sharp teeth. Gah. I’m almost willing to have Charles Manson’s doppelganger back.


  1. bekah

    Is that supposed to be an accurate representation of an American with over 10k in debt or is that supposed to represent the relief program? Or maybe it’s what your debt will look like after you removed 60% of it? “Did you know? If you remove up to 60% of your debt and it ends up looking like a pig-hobbit crossover who will eat your children for breakfast!”

  2. turtlegirl76

    I’m going to have nightmares about that thing.

  3. pensivegirl

    well it did catch you attention. it’s like those ads to buy ad space on billboards and trashcans. “YOU LOOKED HERE! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN YOUR AD!!!!”

    but yeah, um, creepy and stupid. 🙂

  4. sue

    I’m glad you weren’t the only one who said WTF… 🙂

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