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Say Goodbye to My Leetle Friend

Well, y’know, what with working part-time and being frugal (usually) and meal planning and going to the doctor and thinking about all the foods we eat, what’s processed, what’s over-processed, what’s delicious, what’s not,  I started to look at my Diet Coke addiction. Even diet sodas aren’t all they’re banged up to be, apparently, but I didn’t care when I was over-stressed and trying to get through the day at the Last Place. I drank a minimum of 4/day, and on exceptionally busy days, amped that up to 6-8. Telling myself it had no sugar and all the lovely, lovely caffeine was an easy justification.  I had done a mega-stock-up, shortly before my ‘downsizing’, and I started scaling back to a couple per day.  Then I went to the doctor, where I was informed that it wasn’t the best friend I’d hoped it would be. And I felt a shift in my mind, like maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to just start here. Phase out the Diet Coke. Insert water. I’m trying to wean myself from Splenda, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Because we also have a lot of Crystal Light hanging around the house, and I enjoy drinking that, too. Small steps. So today, I stop my regular dosing of Diet Coke. That’s not to say I won’t enjoy one if I’m out to lunch, or NEVER AGAIN will I drink Diet Coke. I just think one of the things I’ve learned/re-learned is how much better regular home-cooked foods and baked things taste, and as I get older, I’m thinking and asking myself more often, “What the hell’s in this?” (Years ago, somebody in this house bought some Hamburger Helper, and since I’m also on a mission to use UP stuff, we had that for dinner – with deer burger, I liked to call it “Venison Assistant” in my head.. anyway, omg, so salty. It fills you up b/c you’re drinking a gallon of water to balance out the sodium!)

But I’m not phasing out caffeine – I love coffee, always have, and that is my regular morning routine (even when I was slamming the Diet Cokes!) I think it’s safe to say I’ve cut back on my dependency – of recent weeks, my daily consumption was a cup of coffee and 1-2 Diet Cokes  – but I’m going to have to incorporate some extra coffee or black teas into the routine now – the withdrawal headaches are a total bitch.

So, Diet Coke, thanks for all you’ve done for me. I’ve got quite a few Coke Rewards points thanks to our years together, so once I’ve entered them all in, I know we’ll have a farewell gift to always remember you by…..


  1. Diana

    Congrats on giving up the Diet Coke. I did it about a year and a half ago (I dreamed about it at first!). I am so glad I did it. I discovered that it was one of my triggers to eating really bad food. What’s better with Diet Coke than a WHOLE BAG of Nacho Cheese Doritos? Not much! Giving up Diet Coke was the first step in giving up a lot of my other unhealthy habits. Good job!

  2. bekah

    Good luck on quitting the Diet Coke. I remember back when I decided I drank too much Mountain Dew and I had to quit it… it took me a good couple of weeks to stop having the withdrawal headaches. It was terrible. I seriously could’ve used rehab to get over it.

  3. Beth

    Good luck! Maybe just not having it at home would help – I did great with that for awhile, but now I’m back – hope you can do it!

  4. jessi

    i gave up diet coke bc it caused me to get migraines. i switched to flavored sparkling water. (naturally flavored.) still get the carbonated kick, but none of the ick. i like l’croix the best. you can get a 12-pack for around $3.


  5. Carolyn J.

    I try not to drink it at home myself. I can’t stomach coffee or tea in the morning, though, so Diet Coke stays as my morning caffeine pick-me-up at work.

  6. staci

    Way to go!!! My favorite thing I learned on saturday…if you can’t pronounce the first five ingredients…don’t eat or drink it. Re-learning to eat/drink is HHHHAAAARRRDDDD…I’m right there with ya…I won’t offer you a diet coke!

  7. shannon in oregon

    yea you!! once you have been off the juice for a while, you may come to dislike the taste. you can do it!!

  8. Tracy in SW WA

    Congrats and good luck on the change – do let us know if you notice any side effects, good or bad. I hope that after the initial trauma you’ll notice a positive difference in how you feel.

  9. Chelle

    You make me laugh SO MUCH. I have recently given up the “pink stuff” Sweet and Low and that is so hard, but I know all that stuff is really bad for us. Aspertame is poison from what I’ve been reading. I admire you for giving it up – even cutting back is commendable, really. Good for you.

  10. meesha.v

    the only thing left from the atkins diet I tried more than 10 years ago is me drinking plain water. I have pop when I want to but I never crave it and have none at home. same with my kid. I get my sugar elsewhere – ice cream and cakes 🙂

  11. Carrie

    I’ve found that if I “jump around,” meaning not drinking the same soda 2 times in a row, I don’t crave ANY soda. I mix up Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Diet Dew, Diet Dr. P, the occasional Coke… I’ve heard the same thing about cigarettes, but I guess I’m too stuck on my brand. Haven’t tried that yet.
    Eenyhoo… GOOD FOR YOU! for taking the initiative to healthy-up your life!

  12. Liz Leonard

    Good job and good luck, Nug! Kicking old habits is hard to do BUT will be well worth it in the long run….damn long runs….

  13. Kym Hretz

    I’m so right there with you. A bad habit that I need to kick, too. I read a study somewhere that said the carbonation actually ends up in your blood. Next thing you know we’ll be bleeding green from all the “natural” splenda :/

  14. Shelda

    Good for you, it’s tough, but it can be done! I gave up full-sugar Pepsi and Route 44 limeades over three years ago now. And I’m so very glad I did!

  15. sue

    Good luck and good for you!!! I cut way back on the Pepsi 1, too… same idea only it is made with Splenda. The other artifical sweetners give me migraines, so no Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi or anything else really. Now I’m mainly on iced tea for the caffiene (I love the smell of coffee, but never liked the taste) and water… and maybe only one or two Pepsi 1’s a week. I feel better for it and am hoping my doctor is pleased on my next visit as well.

    Oh, and the H.H. … oh, yeah. SALTY as all get-out. There was only one flavor my family liked and they discontinued that flavor, so really no great loss in my household. 🙂

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