Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

C’mon, Fall!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for cooler weather.

Apple cider and hot tea, soups and stews bubbling on the stove.

Knitting that can pile up in your lap and you’re happy for the warmth.

The smell of fallen leaves, the wind bringing a whiff of smoke from a neighbor’s chimney, the cool dampness that follows a rainstorm as the leaves begin to decompose.

Ward Parkway (edited)

The taste of warm caramel, a sip of hot chocolate. Maybe homemade pie.

Best Apple Pie, Ever

Hand-knit socks and layers.

Warm Toes!

It’s going to stay in the upper 80’s (and hit 90′ today) this whole week, and I’m being selfish, I want the whole season, not a fast-forward slide into winter. Hurry up Fall. We’re waiting!


  1. mosker

    …being able to bake bread without overheating the kitchen. I am definitely looking forward to the autumn weather.

  2. Spyder

    We had Pea Soup tonight. I don’t care if it’s hot out it was so good!

  3. SKC Observer

    Nice socks! Cooler weather makes my cats more likely to cuddle–I do enjoy their cuddling.

  4. sue

    I get so torn this time of year. I love fall, but it is the busiest time of the year for me. Bah. Around here it can’t decide what it wants to do. Sunday, cold and rainy. Monday, HOT and steamy. Tuesday, hot and rainy. Today? Rainy… and so-so. (I’ve not been out of the office so don’t know what temp it is. LOL). I just thought it had been cold enough to kill the bugs before last weekend’s racing, then when we went it evidently had been just warm enough to hatch another crop and I got chewed alive by the noseums and mosquitos on Friday night. Dangit.

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