Riding the Bike with One Pedal.


Or, as the lady who strolled up with her kids while we were waiting called it, “Story Corpse.” The Wo and I both laughed about that one later.
StoryCorps 2010
This was parked in Brookside for the past few weeks – part of a journey two Airstream trailers make on each side of the Mississippi, gathering stories and memories shared between two people. On Wednesday evening, we got to be part of that really cool, special opportunity: to record ourselves and be a permanent part of the collection in the Library of Congress. One person is the interviewer (me) and the other person tells their story (the Wo.) When reservations were first open, I logged on about 10 minutes after they’d begun, only to find nothing was open. That’s how fast it filled up. I added myself to the waiting list, not thinking it would actually happen. Then, I happened to be on the computer when the email came out to all of us wait listers, and there was only one time slot that could work – I crossed my fingers and replied. Thirty minutes later, I got confirmation that we had the 5:30 slot!

Because I’ve been listening to NPR for so long (I answered, “My entire life,” which is pretty much true, apart from some breaks here and there), I knew what we were doing, but the Wo got a bit panicked the night before as he read some of the sample questions. As he put it, “Nobody expects the Jenquisition!” Of course I wasn’t going to ask him unnerving, awkward questions, and I knew how he’d answer most of the questions, anyway. Eleven years and change of togetherness combined with a pretty good memory (sometimes too good) and I figured it would go pretty smoothly.

It did, there were lots of laughs, some tears/watering eyes, as we touched on the highs and lows of our combined lives. We exited with our own CD of the 40-minute conversation, and we’ll have a certificate and our own little place in the gigantic library someday. Who knows, maybe we’ll be one of those Friday morning voices I hear on Morning Edition. (I’m not counting on that.) I did fall completely in love with the microphone and noticed I totally dropped my voice when I asked the questions. Made me think, hmmm, maybe podcasting isn’t such a goofy idea after all. Heh. But what I really took away was a reminder of how much I love this man, how much he loves me, and how much I cherish our life together.

StoryCorps 2010


  1. Chelle

    Oh, Jen, that is so touching. With your (and presumably your husband’s) sense of humor, wit, intelligence and personal style, I bet that you DO have a good chance of getting aired on NPR. I love hearing those Story Corps stories on NPR and would love to hear yours. There’s nothing like a wonderful spouse to make life complete – after having been with my dear husband for 25 years in January, I can tell you those memories only get sweeter and more precious the more years you share.

  2. shannon in oregon

    swoon. 🙂

  3. Julie

    Jennifer: what a lovely picture of the two of you – to go along with a lovely experience.

  4. korin

    You. are. so. rad. I would LOVE to hear it.

    corpse. LOL

  5. Liz

    Delliillahhh, slow down and looove someoooonnneeee…..

  6. Kym Hretz

    That’s awesome. I have listened to NPR forever too. I be keeping an ear out for you on friday mornings 😀 Maybe I’ll get lucky and catch you on there someday!

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