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  1. I’m amused? Bemused. I have discovered narcissists don’t fall very fall from their trees… and when you systematically find problems with every single person around you? It might be time to point the analysis inward. But, as the saying goes…. not my problem. All I have left is pity. And, admittedly, a little condescension. I’ll own that, and that alone.
  2. My job is awesomesauce. It’s a lot of work, it’s new and different challenges, new industries. Lots of new people and new interactions – learning is lifeblood. Energizing, invigorating. Add to the equation that I am working with some familiar faces and some new ones – laughter and shared experiences go a long way to building the backbone of a strong, successful team.
  3. Lip Service is all that it is. Actions speak louder than words. As much as I love words, they truly only go so far. I’ve learned now, to wait and see.  And even when I don’t like the result – well, at least I know.
  4. The garden is thriving. I made those kale chips, we’ve eaten crazy volumes of spinach, and the lettuce is pouring in. James is an amazing farmer! We were talking about fresh pico de gallo this morning, and as much as I don’t love summer heat, I sure can’t wait until it’s time to make that first big bowl.
  5. One of my favorite movie quotes (yes, there are many, and most from Pulp Fiction) comes from an earlier Tarantino gem, “True Romance.”  It reminds me of my father, who told me everything would be ok, even in those darkest times:  “That’s the way it goes. But don’t forget, it goes the other way too.” And it’s true. There was some drama this week, and I felt beaten down and worried, and then, as I always do, I pushed myself into action, decided to tackle some of my to-do’s, and encountered a completely unexpected gift, saving some money, getting things taken care of, finishing off my week on a higher note.
  6. In related news, we finally got rid of the land line. It took years for me to let go of that convenience, but the savings will be awesome, especially since the expected costs for our alarm system did NOT go up! Bonus!
  7. For my KC peeps on the Southside – have you tried Ward Parkway’s AMC theater lately? The remodel job is AMAZEBALLS. We actually are returning to going to the movies! They have new seats, a new policy (under 18? got to have a parent/guardian, and no minors at night), and just recently completed – a new bar.
  8. Being the adult/parent/better person sucks, but what’s the alternative? Descend to a level you know is unhealthy? Show your ass all over the internet? You can’t engage to disengage; you can’t argue with crazy. Or diseased. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and one thing I’ve grown to recognize is the warning light over the tunnel of victim interaction and it says “NOWHERE”. So while any hole in one’s heart can hurt, packing it full of conflict and prolonged interaction is only a temporary salve, and it rots away at things, prolonging healing. So I just pay attention to the core, of what is important, what is healthy, and just keep moving forward.
  9. Still knitting! And I set a new World Record for myself, too – didn’t buy a single skein of yarn in Q1 of this year! In other knitting content, we had Franklin Habit as our guest teacher this year for the Sunflower Knitting Guild’s Knitting in the Heartland.  He was a terrific teacher, and it was great to connect/re-connect with people I hadn’t seen in a while. Learning some of the history of lace styles from around the world, working on lace, and designing knitted tessellations was very cool (the tessellations kind of bent my brain, I will confess!)
  10. Life is good.

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  1. Chelle

    Glad you see you blogging again. I saw you briefly at KITH but didn’t get a chance to talk much. Wasn’t Franklin great? I only got into the lace edgings class but it was terrific.

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