Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

Bodhisattva, Baby.

I’m not saying a whole lot about the years I spent listening to Steely Dan on a regular basis. Let’s just say, they were good times. I was in college. I didn’t really worry too much about my 40’s back in those days.

And I know they were good, because I’ve had another really stressful day? And after rebooting my *(&^&%$%)__(^&^%%^$$ computer after it precariously froze in Excel once again (with a huge table of numbers teetering in the balance), I scrolled through my iTunes, looking for just the right music to play while I continued to fiddle and work with all this data. Then I found it. Ah. A Decade of Steely Dan.

I just sailed through the rest of the calculations & am quite excited to start on the next phase. So relaxed.

And kinda hungry. Good thing hubs is grilling chicken for chef salads tonight.


  1. Patchchord

    Yep. I’ve probably forgotten more of the good times I spent listening to Steely Dan in college than I can actually remember. It always started with the Cuervo Gold…

    (And titling posts with Steely Dan quotes is one sure way to stand out in my feed reader…nicely done.)

  2. sue

    I LOVE S.D.

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