Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

When you hear someone talk about how they have a batting cage in their basement, what do you think?

“Man, that’s a big fuckin’ basement,” comes to mind. Also, “Holy moly, you have money.” I also think, “Goddamn I’m jealous.”

How awesome would that be, to come home after a stressful day, and just start cracking the bat & feeling that delicious thunk when the ball collided into your swing?

I’m not sporty. Never really have been. The one thing I could marginally do, at least exceeding expectations of those around me, was hit a softball with a bat. Perhaps it is the degree of solidness I bring to the plate. There isn’t any amazing upper-body strength, that’s for sure. But I always got an extra degree of smug satisfaction seeing the softball sail right on by the motherfucking first baseman, or second baseman, or shortstop, or pitcher, or third baseman, because all of them had moved forward about five feet when they saw me come up to bat. (We won’t talk about the running. Run-ning. Not so great. But still. They were runnin’, too, to get that ball. HAH!)

I feel like I’m walloping off the softballs today. It feels good, if not a little exhausting. Hope you’re having a productive, walloping sort-of-day yourself!


  1. bekah

    When I’m stressed I’d like to take a baseball bat and beat the hell out of something. Maybe a pumpkin or two. And the whole time I’d imagine they’re someone’s head. I’d like a room for that.

  2. shannon in oregon

    although nothing compares to the satisfaction of hitting a softball over everyone’s heads when they don’t expect it, i tend to take the yoga route when i’m really stressed. yeah, that’s me…going all touchy feely. 🙂 there is something about those deep cleansing breathes that do it for me every time.

  3. Kara

    Thought of you when watching 30-Rock online today:
    Liz Lemon: “She’s crazy. Like, grab a cop’s gun crazy.”

  4. cindy

    I just watched 30 Rock over the lunch hour and thought the same thing! Who knew Jennifer’s idiosyncrasies were pure comedy gold?

    As for the batting cage in the basement? Who is this lucky person? I must meet and befriend him or her immediately!

  5. Becky

    WEll, here’s to hitting a homerun. When I lived in Texas (and in a house), my stress relief was a hot bubble bath. Being in condos for the past few years, the tub is so shallow that it barely covers my belly button when sitting up. Not the same.

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