Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

Full of FAIL! Full of WIN!

For some reason, most of yesterday found my brain shouting out (but not my mouth), “FAIL!” or “WIN!” as things happened. Behold the influence of the internets. In any event, here’s a random smattering mixture.

I got home and discovered I was missing an earring. FAIL! I was dreadfully disappointed, as these were one of my most-favorite pairs. I even started pondering ordering new ones, just so I wouldn’t be without and all out of sorts. As I disrobed, the missing earring fell to the floor. WIN! James doesn’t understand how an earring could be in my bra and me not know it. MAN FAIL! I don’t really have an answer to that, because I’m just happy said earring is found and a new pair doesn’t have to be bought. WIN WIN WIN!

I taught, once again, a very challenging class. Not that the students themselves made it challenging, it’s just hard to learn two tubes on two circs, and I kept making a mistake while trying to repair one student’s error, because I kept talking. FAIL! However, I think they’ll all come back, so we’ll just whisper, with hope, WIN?

I decided upon Portland Tweed for the Spectacular Druid Mittens and left a note at The Studio to put the three skeins on my account. Because I should I have some credit accrued. WIN! Got up this morning and only found two of the three skeins. FAIL! I will look again tonight to see if one fell out in the garage or in transport into the house, but I did a morning drive-by and there was no yarn left in the street. If it was found, I hope it has gone to a good home. The color is “Amaranth”, a gorgeous mulberry purple. It is utterly full of WIN.

Tripper has the worst gas of any dog I have ever met in my entire life, hands-down. It is toxic. Room-clearing. He is eating dirt in the backyard, and god-knows-what-else, but there is nothing back there that smells this horrible in nature, yet his ass speaks volumes. He may be full of love, but his farts are full of FAIL! This morning, I gaveĀ  him some peanut butter on the roof of his mouth, just so I could laugh at him continuing to lick the air and look upwards. He does make me laugh (which is a WIN)!

We got caught up on The Amazing Race the other night, and I had a WIN with funniest snark while watching. Two teams raced off to a Fast-Forward, which involved eating a stew made from the ass-end of a sheep. One dude was a vegetarian & had been for 15 years. He FAILed miserably, attempting to eat it and drawing out the time spent on the challenge, when they should have just given up and gone back as soon as they saw what it was. I say it every season: don’t these contestants watch the show before they try out for it? As I put it, “Dude, let me introduce you to a midget (sorry, little person) who ate half her body weight in sausage last year.” There will ALWAYS be some crazy-ass food, this time, it was sheep-ass. And if you want to WIN, you’ll have to eat it.

For those of you who use Gmail, they’ve just announced mail themes. WIN WIN WIN!

May you have more WIN than FAIL today!


  1. shannon in oregon

    your tripper and my josie could compete. ever since the damn duck and potato food, she’s been toxic. and it’s a sneak attack. she’ll just be laying at your feet and WHAMO it hits your nose. not good.

  2. Becky

    Your analogy of Tripper’s ass reminds me of my younger brother. When he was up here for my dad’s funeral, I could not get over how much that guy farted — and loud/stinky ones too! I don’t know how my SIL can still find him attractive.

  3. dori

    Buy liquid chlorophyll at the health food store and put a few drops in your dog’s water or food. It it will neutralize the smell of your dog’s (or younger brother’s) gas and…….er, um, solids.
    I think you can buy tablet form too.

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