Riding the Bike with One Pedal.

Energized, yet Drained. Cheerful, yet Rageaholic.

Yes.  I am covering a wide swath of ground these days. And through it all, I am bizzy bizzy bizzy! I always love being busy, but sometimes it pushes the edges and boundaries of normalcy, and I find that’s when things like …oh… “politeness”, or … “consistency” start to fall by the wayside. Work’s been really busy & I have had some great conversations with my bosses about goals for the year & I already hit a couple balls outta the park, so I feel like th year’s off to a very good start. I’m behind on sending out presents and holiday greetings but hell. Isn’t it better to get a thoughtful note from me when I get around to it, than nothing at all? Or just my signature in a timely manner? That’s my approach & I’m stickin’ to it, dammit.

I joke about the rage-a-holic part, somewhat – I’m still PISSED at Time Warner Cable, because even using my connections, I got a VERY disappointing solution yesterday. Instead of our bill going up 60%? She could knock off a little and make that increase just 40%. FORTY percent. People, this is not gas, or milk, or any other commodity that is finite in its production. Yes, the internet has bandwidth, I understand. But TWC is still going to have to buy MTV and HBO whether or not I’m in their customer base, and there is absolutely NO reason I should stick around for a rate hike so substantial when there are other options. Options that involve hassle on my part, but what’s the best salve for hassle? Nostril-flaring joy that the fuckers over :there: aren’t getting your money any more. I’m not quite at that point yet, because I emailed my contact again with less-florid language describing the above, and it’s now gone on to a different department, presumably one higher on the food chain.  I shall keep you updated, because if I’ve picked up on one thing in this life, is that folks out there have some shared rage against The Man, who sometimes comes in the form of The Cable Company.

I spent a good chunk of my weekend making more DPN Holders for The Loopy Ewe, and my local yarn stores, so I’m chipping away at my cost to go to the LE Spring Fling at the end of April! Woohoo for cottage industry!

I’m off to a blogger meet-up tonight – should be fun & interesting,  since I didn’t get a chance to meet everyone at the last one.  I’ll be the one with my knitting, but I promise, I am oh-so-far from dowdy, shy & retiring.


  1. meesha.v

    switch (or threaten to switch) to Uverse (I work there and I have it). when few weeks ago I called to cancel my mom’s TW account when she switched and when they asked why, I pointed out that the number of channels was eroding and the price was increasing, they said: “we could have given you offers to make you stay with us”. I told her that they should have offered their “offers” when it was relevant, not after the fact. my x got a comcast discount rate as soon as she mentioned Uverse (and stayed with comcast).

  2. Jo! Minor

    Will there be sushi DPN holders? PLEASE LET THERE BE SUSHI DPN HOLDERS.

  3. Kristine

    OMG you were SO RIGHT about frozen Thin Mint cookies! :) It was great meeting you – I had fun!

  4. PlazaJen

    I checked my addy to see if we could get Uverse & it said it wasn’t available for me yet. (Can you pls fix that, kthx) However, they don’t know that, eh?
    My hope is that I actually get some service this go-round – and how lame is it that I have to use my work connections to make that actually happen?!

  5. meesha.v

    I can’t fix that, but nothing prevents you from calling cancellation depatment and telling the you wanna cancel because you are switching to dish,directv or uverse and see what happens. the old “threaten to cancel” trick

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