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Hello, I Must Be Going!

Well, I am heading out tomorrow to St. Louis, to attend The Loopy Ewe’s Spring Fling. Knitters (and spinners!) will be flying in from all over to attend, including three amazing teachers – Wendy, Cookie & Anne – and then the dyemaster herself, Claudia, of Wollmeise.   I’m also excited to finally meet Sheri herself!

But the excitement doesn’t stop – there are going to be sooo many people there to meet, greet, hang out with, knit with, laugh with, all of it. I’ve made so many ‘internet friends’ between Ravelry and Plurk, I know it’s going to be a bit of an overload to match everyone’s little avatar and personality up with their real-life selves. Plus you have the thin sheen of anxiety that goes along with travel and big groups – did I pack everything? How’m I going to carry all this stuff? What if everyone hates me and I spend the weekend in my car, weeping? You know. The basics.  There is also the chance I’ll be breaking bad news to my husband, because George Clooney is shooting a movie in St. Louis, and a group is already planning a sushi dinner on Friday night…at the location where Mr. Clooney has been spotted every Friday.  I’m just saying. George probably has had his fill of tall, willowy model-types, and he might just be looking for a rotund, short, brassy sort of  knitter to round out his experiences in life.

(Probably not.)

(But when my co-workers asked if I’d knit him socks, the answer was an unequivocal, bellowed, “HELLZ YEAH!”)

Meanwhile, work crazes on, and it’s whack-a-mole times.  Partly because of the vacation time I’m taking (all whopping 2.5 days of it, whoa nelly!) and partly because the demands are there – this business has a crazy broken roller-coaster-ness to it, where things are slow and plodding and then suddenly you’re hurtling along at 100 mph and hoping your cart doesn’t go off the rails when you crest the top.

I’ll also be going to Trader Joe’s while I’m in STL – I can only hope that they ask for our zip codes when we checkout, as I know the Kansas City contingency plans to hit their store close to our hotel pretty hard before we drive home on Sunday. Listen up, TJ! Kansas City wants/needs a store (more than one would be awesome!) and we want it NOOOOW! (I’m bringing a cooler. And shopping for co-workers –  Three Buck Chuck, of course.  Perfect for the aforementioned roller coaster!)

James will be selling more tomato and pepper plants this weekend – a couple varieties have sold out already, but he’s got loads of great plants left. Cherokee Purple seems to be the hot tomato this year (yes, Virginia, there is a cutting-edge even in the gardening world!) and he has oodles of those.  It will keep him busy & off the streets while I’m gone, I know that much. EMAIL  him at jworley1@ HOTMAIL [dot] com if you have questions or want to place an order! Yes, you have to type out his  email, but it’s faster than leaving a comment – my computer access will be very limited.

So I’m off – I’ll be Plurking from my Blackberry, certainly, and then I’ll report back next week with pictures & stories! See you then!


  1. Beth


    (yes, I’m yelling. Deal with it, sistah!)

  2. Beth

    and don’t tell him you’re a transsexual. That might put a kibosh on him mashing on you.

    Or not.

  3. Becky

    Good luck on the Clooney sighting! We have a few Trader Joe’s here and I’m addicted to their Meditteranean hummus and the Three Buck Chuck is pretty good too (esp. as sangria).

  4. nestra

    Loves me some three buck chuck! We don’t live near a TJ’s either so we have family bring a case when they visit.

  5. bekah

    Please tell me you’ll Twitter the MINUTE you see George. 🙂

  6. Guesty

    Clooney is *gone* from STL, they wrapped and are on their way to Omaha. So sorry, can you move your meeting?

  7. PlazaJen

    OH damn. Well, that’s for the best. I need to keep my focus. 😉

  8. Emma Dog

    My heart would be broken, knowing he was so close, but so far away.

    Anyway, have an AWESOME trip! And that whole crying-in-the-car thing? Not a chance! Maybe napping in the car, resting up from all the chatting you’ll be doing with your new friends!

  9. sue

    Have fun!!!
    I hear George is gonna be in Omaha, too… *sigh*…

  10. J-Wo

    I heard that Clooney is stopping by KC to buy some tomato plants for his garden. He said something about maybe getting some drinks afterward and talking about composting and drip irrigation. 😉

  11. Beth

    I’ll buy plants! I’ll buy plants!

  12. Spyder

    I’m so jealous! Have a great time! Enough for both of us!

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