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It Will All Be OK

..Ok, Go.

PensiveGirl tweeted this earlier today. I’ve watched it several times, and it is just one of those fantastic visual-audio combos that makes your brain hum, your toes tap, and your soul soar. They took embedding down, so you can see the video on YouTube here.

The song is called “This Too Shall Pass.” When the words were sung – “Let it go… this too shall pass,” I felt tears in my eyes, because it’s so simple. We burrow and fret and worry and panic and stress and rail at the day and the day..passes. And it felt like advice I got a few years ago, advice I couldn’t believe or accept at the time, from my dying father trying to reassure me that in the end, it would all be ok. I love him every bit today as I did when he was alive. I marvel at that in part because I didn’t think it possible.

And I still marvel at the power in sound and words that can evoke such feeling. With a marching band to boot.


  1. Patchchord

    Check this version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6INCU_nJxps.

  2. shannon in oregon

    wow, that was incredible!! thanks for the share.

  3. pensivegirl

    i downloaded the marching band version of the song AND have been listening to it on repeat and while running for two days. yep.

  4. Spyder

    Loved that!

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