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My Age Is Showing…

…our niece, Danielle, is a member of eleventeen billion Facebook groups. One afternoon, James rapid-fire read them off, as we collapsed in laughter, because they are so indicative of how kid brains work. Sure, technology has come a long way since I was her age, like, we have the Wii instead of Magic Merlin, but the sheer silliness is still there.

For instance:

Danielle became a fan of I stay up late every night, and realize it’s a bad idea every morning.
Danielle became a fan of i wonder if british people sit around trying to talk in an American accent?
Danielle became a fan of “Hey can i have a Starburst?” “Here” “No, I want the pink one.”
Danielle became a fan of Inbox (1) makes me nervous.
Danielle became a fan of I hate it when my parents wont answer their phone but get mad when i dont!
Danielle became a fan of “OH, SO LET ME TELL YOU THIS STORY…” “Dude, I was there with you.” “Oh.”
Danielle became a fan of 1 word texts to me mean: 1. you don’t care or 2. I did something wrong.

So now, I have caught myself thinking in terms of Fan Groups I Could Start, like,

Jennifer became a fan of “I Hate When the Light Catches On My BlackBerry and I Think I Have A Message.”

Jennifer became a fan of “I Get Worried When I Walk Into the Kitchen, Forget Why I Went There, And Wonder If It’s Early-Onset Alzheimer’s”

Jennifer became a fan of  “I Believe Office Supplies Can Change My Life”
Jennifer became a fan of “Sometimes I Talk To Touch Screens As If They Could Hear Me”
Jennifer became a fan of  “I’m Becoming That Crazy Lady Who Yells At Cars Speeding Down My Street”

Yes, Facebook, you certainly are a time suck.


  1. Christina

    What’s worse is, that I hit ‘like’ on like 1/4 of my 14 year old niece’s groups she becomes a fan of, then have to go erase them from my profile, so that no one knows my secret shame! LOL

  2. jessi

    um, i am LOLing at the blackberry one. i do that ALL the TIME.

  3. meesha.v

    My kid joins at least 25 a day. Some of them are actually pretty funny.

  4. shannon in oregon

    my favorite one was when my boss’s son rsvp’d YES to national skip school day. i sent him a message reminding him he and his mother are fb friends…needless to say, he did not get to skip.

    i would join you with talking to the touch screens…

  5. bekah

    Facebook fan pages can be absolutely hilarious. My favorite is “Not Being On Fire.” Yes, I’m DEFINITELY a fan of not being on fire! The most recent one I joined is “‘Let’s eat Grandma,’ ‘Let’s eat, Grandma!’ Punctuation saves lives.”

  6. korin

    Korin is a HUGE fan of Jennifer, wings or none.

  7. sue

    I have seen these with some of my younger friends as well … oh, and I would SO become a fan of your list. I think I qualify for at least three of them! 😉

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