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Facebook Win… and Facebook Fail.

FBWin, FBFail


I do enjoy Ms. Lampanelli, she pushes things right past uncomfortable, and I just love any no-holds-barred sort of humor. So to be served an ad featuring her upcoming show? Great! Win! I even clicked “like”. I’m interactive that way. ~gives you saucy marketer look~

But then look right below it – one of the several thousand “get free products at home” ads I’ve gotten on Facebook for the past few months – usually it’s a fabulous gadget, or M&Ms, or some makeup, or something relatively girly, yet fun….. but today? Today I get Always Maxi-Pads, sitting there teasing me with their enticing …. wings. Because when I think, “Hey! I am so signing up for something that promises to give me something free and fun, like candy, or an iPhone, because I really, really think this company needs someone to to “test” their products and provide feedback to help these mom and pop companies like P&G, Mars, and Apple? Dude, I have passed up all those other things in hopes that one day, I could get my feminine hygiene products for free.”

mmmm, yeah. Let me use one of thosee super-absorbent pads to wipe up all the sarcasm I’ve dripped everywhere. There’s a little Lampanelli in me, too, y’know.


  1. Beth

    I really enjoy Lisa L. – her book wasn’t as great as I would have expected, but I like to see her on TV. Maxi-pads, though, seem to be so junior high!

  2. Chelle

    You always make me laugh.

  3. Chuck Franks

    Awesome post. Love the sarcasm. I don’t think we met at the blogger happy hour at Waldo pizza but I’m going to assume you were the one with the knitted scarf, red if I remember correctly. Great to find your blog and your sense of humor. Perfect blend knitted together. (wink)
    I saw Lisa Lampanelli live last year, (darn I was hoping for one more L word an no not the cable show, I prefer True Blood)
    Hope to connect more.

  4. PlazaJen

    I think we managed a “Hey, I’m Jennifer”, “Hey, I’m Chuck” – but it was a pretty big crew and a challenge to chat! Thanks for the comment & I’ll be looking you up as well!

  5. sue


  6. Kara

    Hey, there! Only an occasional commenter here, but wanted to pass along this link — I think you’ll appreciate it given your recent run of facebook ad critiques. Should at least be good to start Monday off with a laugh – have a great week!


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