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The Cobbler’s Children Have the Worst Shoes.


I put a banner ad up on Ravelry, the big internet site for fiber-holics, and have generated a few sales of the Knitter decals…but of course, now that I’m the client, I’m a nightmare. To myself.

I did re-word my ad, and JWo has pointed out as people actually see the clings for themselves, they become far more engaged than they do from a picture on a website.

But today? I had a little stroke of brilliance, and did a search for various car enthusiasts on Ravelry, because seriously, there is a group for everyone on that site. And sure enough – there are MINI Cooper knitters, VW knitters, Volvo knitters and Hybrid knitters.  Not that it’ll guarantee more people will click & buy? But since the most logical place for these clings is your car, might as well TARGET my message to … people with cars!

Duh. I was happy and sneering at myself for taking four days to come up with that one. Good thing I’m sharper with my clients – but I do know that when you’re close to something, it’s a lot harder to get perspective!

Now, go be a dear and buy 10 or 14.


  1. turtlegirl76

    There’s a group for Honda Fit owners as well. Fit is Knit. =)

  2. lyn

    there’s a PT cruiser group too! ha!

  3. Dani

    I think getting some people to take pics of them on their cars (or wherever they use them) would also be helpful.

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