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My Mind Kind of Exploded…

…when I saw THESE in the latest Sephora catalog:

Now that I know the technology is there, I want all my makeup to be press-on. How handy would that be? And I can see it now – BuildYerFace, where you create a mold of your face, fill in all the spaces with press-on makeup – whether you dump it in, or you lock in the little application papers – and in one fell swoop (with probably a suction-cup sound), you are READY for the DAY, my friends.

Of course, with the pricing, each Day O’ Face would run a gal $40, which isn’t exactly feasible. Those eyeshadow thingies are $5 a pop. As in $2.50 per eye, per eyeshadow. And what’s with the odd-number of applications? You get two sets of two styles, but only one set of the third. That sort of asymmetry makes me crazy. Things like this need to be evenly distributed, or it makes ..yes, my eye twitch.

No worries – I’m not buying them, because I have plenty of old-fashioned apply-it-myself eyeshadows, and $25 for a box of crazy seems a little foolish. And anyway, I’m fantastic enough without Le Tigre! camo eyeshadow (paws at you with claws extended, RAWR!) But part of me still loves them, and as Beth pointed out, it’s only a matter of time before someone does the Lee Press-On Makeup version.


  1. bethe

    Jeez. This was the first Sephora catalog I’ve tossed without looking at in ages and look what I missed! Those would be GREAT for Halloween…

  2. Carolyn J.

    I’m still waiting for that thing Mila Jovovich had in the Fifth Element – it’s a black case she put up to her eyes like a camera, pushed the button and POP her eye makeup was done.

  3. bekah

    You know that shit does NOT work the way those pictures show. Le Tigre is gonna turn into Le Sloppy Mess in no time.

  4. Jo

    See, the IDEA is pretty cool, but the actual patterns? Not so much.

    If it were sparkly fairy dust instead of white trash camo, though, they’d probably part me from my money at least once.

    Although, I do agree with bekah.

  5. Becky

    There’s no way those patterns will hold on the skin. All I could think of when I saw that was my sister yelling at me to blend my eyeshadow. She would be so disappointed…

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